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5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Joint Pain


The mandatory tool to allay joint pain and lead a fit life is definitely practicing yoga. Studies have revealed that yoga has proved to be one of the most essential fitness recipes not only to get rid of the pain, but also to lose weight, alleviate stress and practice a healthy lifestyle. Here are the effective 5 yoga poses to provide relief from joint pain.

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1. Bhujangasana

cobra pose, yoga asanas, yoga poses
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It is also dubbed as the cobra pose. This pose has a lot of contribution to maintaining the overall well-being of the individuals. Beside relieving joint pain, it acts as a superb tool for losing weight, shedding the abdominal fat, helps to maintain a proper posture, strengthening muscles and relieving stress as well.

2. Trikonasana

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Known as the Triangular pose, it serves to be an extremely effective pain reliever.  Also, it helps in maintaining a perfect body balance, strengthening ankles, knees, arms and chest. It aids in pacifying the painful situation of Sciatica as well. It helps in digestion and other metabolic activities.

3. Januhastansana

This helps in improving the blood circulation in the lower abdominal region. The body is relaxed and imparts flexibility to the individuals. This pose is extremely beneficial for alleviating joint pain and providing relief from arthritis as well. It also provides relief from hypertension.

4. Virkasana

virkasana, yoga asanas, tree pose, joint pain

Commonly called Tree Pose, this asana plays a huge role in imparting balance to physical and mental state of individuals. It provides stability to the legs, strengthens the tendon an ligaments of the feet, tones up the legs to the buttock, establishes stability to the pelvis and improves the self esteem of the individuals. It is also known as the weight bearing pose and is hugely helpful in relieving the distress due to tremendous joint pain.

5. Makarasana

Widely known as the Crocodile pose is one of the reclining yoga asanas. Makarasana helps to relieve the medical complications involving the shoulder and the back of the individuals like sciatica, slip disc, spondylitis and backache. It also helps in mollifying the joint pains and is often called as the relaxation pose. It provides stretching to the abdominal muscles, deepens the breath, alleviates anxiety, treats heart related diseases and imparts flexibility.

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Thus, these  are the essential joint pain removal yoga asanas, which helps to maintain the flexibility of the body and alleviates pain providing relief from knee injuries, joint aches, sciatica, back ache and arthritis. Practicing them regularly will help to maintain the perfect balance of the mind, body and soul.


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