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Top 5 Wool Shoe Brands To Consider


You may have noticed that wool shoes have come a long way, and there are some great looking sneaker brands out there. If you’re in the market for a cool new pair of wool sneakers then these are the top 5 brands to take a look at. Before we look at the best brands, let’s take a quick look at why wool shoes are a good shopping choice. Wool is one of the most durable materials and is very hard wearing, with its fibres resisting bending up to 20,000 times. Compare this to cotton which only resists bends around 3,000 times and you’ll understand the material’s inherent strength. Wool also naturally resists odours and is moisture wicking, being able to hold up to a third of its weight in liquid. This means you can avoid sweaty food smells, and you won’t even need to wear socks. And another plus factor for wool shoes is their eco credentials. Wool is biodegradable and easy to clean using a cooler wash. Wool production doesn’t require the huge expanses of land or chemicals that cotton uses and, a nice touch for all you vegetarians, wool doesn’t require the slaughter of the animal unlike leather or suede. So now you know why wool makes great shoes, which brand of wool shoes should you buy?


Hot on the heels (pun intended) is this cool Swiss startup whose merino wool shoes offer a simple street styling in a range of colours. Baabuk feature a range of sneakers and slippers for men and women; but also offer a range for kids as well as a more classic Russian valenki style wool boot, which act as the inspiration for the whole range. Baabuk also have great eco credentials, with all of their wool coming from mulesing free sheep and their sneaker materials travelling no more than 200 kilometers from their factory in Portugal. Another cool feature of Baabuk’s wool sneakers is that they have elastic shoelaces, meaning they’re easy to slip on and off when you need. In fact they’re so easy to wear it’ll feel like you’re wearing slippers all day.


Austrian brand Giesswein also offer sporty wool shoes and slippers, as well as beanies and accessories. The background of the Tyrolean founders is in clothing production and they have bought their wool knowhow to the footwear world to great effect. Giesswein feature their bold branding on each shoe and lightweight EVA plastic soles for use in all terrains. They use mulesing free merino wool in all of their products and their eco credentials include using 90% recycled water, leaving no material scraps in production and using 100% renewable resources in production.

Le Mouton

Despite the French name, Le Mouton are a Korean brand who feature a simple range of merino wool shoes. They offer a unisex wool sneaker in a classic style which is available in a range of muted colours, as well as a choice of two styles of kids wool shoes. All their shoes are made from merino wool, much like the others on this list, and all their shoes feature their sheep logo branding. Although the website is currently only available in Korean, you can also buy Le Mouton wool shoes on Amazon.


Perhaps the most well-known wool shoe brand, Allbirds offers minimalist. An American startup founded by a New Zealander, they’ve become the biggest name in wool footwear. Their wool sneakers and slippers are available for both men and women, with a good variety of styles including runners and high tops. Allbird’s eco credentials are advertised with laces made from recycled plastic and even their soles made from eco materials, in this case, sugar cane. Their products are crafted in South Korea from New Zealand wool.


Danish brand Glerups aren’t quite as ‘street’ as all the other brands on this list, but they offer a range of beautifully made and designed wool slippers and rustic style boots. Originally starting out as a hobby for the Glerup family in Denmark’s Gotland, now they design and manufacture their unique styled wool footwear around the world. Although Glerups started out using just local Danish wool, today they use a blend of Danish and New Zealand wool and adhere to strict welfare and quality requirements. Glerups shoes feature optional calfskin soles and, on some of their models, their unique silkfit material which is a blend of silk a wool for maximum comfort.

Whatever your style, you’ll be able to find a great wool shoe from one of these quality brands to compliment your style. From street smart to home comforts, a pair of wool shoes is just what you’re looking for.

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