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5 Things Women Notice About Men While Love Making for the First Time


Women are keen observers. Though they may never accept this fact, but it’s true. And, when it comes to the man, she’s making love with in bed, she definitely observes him in the most intense manner possible even amidst the sensation and oblivion. While enjoying every moment in the bed in love making, she takes a note of the following things, without even sometimes realizing it. He might not even realize it, but it’s all in her sixth sense.

1. How He Looks at Her

The way he looks at her during the moment, the solidarity and the intensity in the looks – she makes a note of all during love making. All these get registered in her brain even subconsciously. And, it gets reminded to her, whenever she thinks about him or the moments spent with him.

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2. The Shape of His Body

The way a man relaxes, the firmness of his physique, the shape of his stature, the way his chest gives way to his stomach to the pelvis and then to his thighs- she notices it all while making love in the bed. She observes his body so well that she can feel every edge and bend of it even with her closed eyes.

3. How He Breathes

This is yet another thing women notice about men while having sex in bed. The pace, the sound of his breath when he’s being kissed or when they share some moments of warmth can indicate completely if he’s enjoying the moment with her or is simply over it.

4. The Touch of His Fingers

Well all throughout the love making, the way his fingers touch her, run over her skin, caress her body, dig into her skin, she observes them all. She can feel the strength of his fingers, the nimbleness, the length and even the gaps between his fingers. Remember, observing is the innate nature of almost every woman across the globe.

5. The Feel of His Tongue

Yes, you heard it right. Her subconscious mind even during the foreplay notices the pace, pressure, girth and the style of his tongue. She observes how his tongue responds to the situations while love making and how it goes through taking the lead.

So, next time you’re in bed with a woman during love making having all the fun and making some erotic moves, you’ll definitely remember these. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.


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