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Why Do People Need Periodontal Treatment?


Periodontal treatment is mainly required for healthy gums. Dental professionals make a great use of such a treatment to facilitate the presence of healthy gums in every individual. Periodontal diseases can cause a great deal of damage to the tissues involved to support the teeth, which include bones and gums. Such diseases are quite cyclic in nature. A series of rapid destruction is followed by a gap of inactivity and so on.

Perio Health Partners have successfully being able to deepen their roots in the field of periodontal treatment. In periodontal treatment certain considerations are included, such as:

  • Irritants responsible to cause destruction of the supportive tissues are removed. Such irritants play a key role during the phase of destruction of the particular periodontal disease.
  • Supportive tissues, mainly the gum tissues are maintained during the state of inactivity of the disease.
  • Such treatments also provide assistance to the patients to maintain healthy gums for a prolonged period.

The impact of periodontal treatment varies greatly with the individual’s daily practices too. A regular and healthy removal of build-up plaque is very essential. Their deposition on the surfaces of teeth and gums can inhibit a perfect treatment to a great extent.

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Periodontal treatments can be of different types. The severity of gum problems of an individual determines the type of treatment to be initiated. The duration of the treatment is also mentioned by the health professionals. Generally, the necessity of other dental treatments facilitates the plan of periodontal treatment for every person.

Facts You Must Know About Periodontal Treatment

1. The treatment includes instruction for oral hygiene. In this process, an individual’s ability to remove the built-up plaque from one’s teeth is improved. Proper assistance is provided by professionals. Better techniques are also shared for proper brushing and flossing of teeth. The use of several other accessories such as inter-dental toothbrushes, better toothpastes and mouth rinsing liquids are also provided to avoid plaque build-up.

2. Through periodontal treatment plaque and calculus can also be removed. Plaque is a sticky material, which gets deposited on the upper surface of teeth. It is responsible to cause gingivitis and periodontitis in people as it is made of a film of bacteria. Calculus, also regarded as tarter is the plaque which has got deposited on one’s teeth since a long time and has hardened up.

3. The deposits of plaque and calculus present on the roots of teeth and are visible. They are removed with scaling. The instruments used for this purpose may be hand-operated and ultrasonic cleaning devices can also be used for the same.

The root surfaces of one’s teeth are also scraped and smoothed with the help of root planning. It is very time consuming process. It helps connect the gum tissues with the roots of teeth, as the roots are clean and smooth too.

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4. Fillings and crowns can also make way for inflammation of gums. Such fillings can either be replaced or reshaped to provide them with a smoother surface which can be effectively cleaned. These include the areas where plaque may build up and cause bacterial infection.

Periodontal treatment can be an option for healthy gums. However, healthy practices are the key for keeping healthy gums intact for a longer period of time. Smoking can cause mouth cancers and can also accelerate the emergence of periodontal diseases. It’s the prime duty of every dental health professional to make his patients aware of the ill-effects of smoking.

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It is time you consult the best people in town to check your dental condition and recommend the best treatment.


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