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Why Online Trading is the Future of Share Market?


With the advent of the internet in this digital age, nearly 90% of trades in stock exchanges are performed with computer algorithms and robotic quantitative method. Today, more and more traders are utilizing online trading platforms where they can purchase and sell orders, review the status of an order, see real-time share prices, read reports, analyze the list of securities, etc.

A trader can also obtain confirmation statements and tax forms using the online trading method. Many brokerage firms that are affiliated with banks also give added comfort to their digital customers by linking their investment accounts to their bank accounts. By doing this, a trader can quickly initiate a transfer between the accounts operated under the same financial organization.

Online trading, also known as e-trading or self-directed investing, is purchasing and selling asset classes through Internet-based trading platforms. The application of online trading grew dramatically in the mid-to-late ’90s with the introduction of affordable internet connections and high-speed computers. Asset classes such as shares, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies can be traded online.

Regardless of whether you’re new to trading or an experienced trader, there are several reasons why online trading is revolutionizing the future of share market:

Eliminates the Requirement of Middleman

Decades ago, an investor couldn’t trade without interacting with a professional advisor or a brokerage firm. However, now with the use of the web and a machine, it only takes a few seconds. This receptiveness makes online trading an important part of the future share market. Online trading is also great for those traders who might not have had the connections or finances to work with a full-service stockbroker previously. Online traders have the luxury to buy and sell without communicating with a broker. Though, it doesn’t imply that trading is done without any input from an advisor, as discounted brokerages actually promote the trade and can help you make the right investment decision.

Swift Processes

With online trading, investors can check the latest updates and make investments wherever they are by utilizing their chosen technology. For instance, if you’re at your office, you can use a computer, and if you’re on the go, then you can use a smartphone or a tablet. One more benefit of online trading is the enhancement in the speed at which the transactions can be performed and completed as there is absolutely no requirement for paper-based certificates and documents to be filed and registered into an electronic platform.

When a trader invests online, the purchase is stored in a database which compares different prices to find the best value. This is done by applying algorithms which researches all the market exchanges that trade the share in the investor’s chosen currency. The market with the best rate matches the trader with a seller and sends the confirmation to both the seller as well as the buyer. Everything is processed within a few seconds of placing a trade as opposed to meeting an agent or making a phone call and sitting through various confirmation actions before placing the order.


The future of the share market is bright as online trading enables an investor to view the latest prices and purchase or sell shares depending on their preferences and convenience level. It gives investors the opportunity to discern how their capital is performing with the help of advanced applications and interfaces. You can easily use your computer or smartphone to access and evaluate your gains or losses (if any). When it comes to buying, traders also have the flexibility to accomplish prompt sales, heat-curve sales, bids, forward sales, or market transactions.

The Investor has Greater Control

In conventional trading format, a trader may not be able to trade before contacting their agents. On the other hand, online traders can perform instantaneous transactions whenever they want to. Traders are also able to interpret and review all of their prospects instead of depending on an agent to show them the safest securities for their money to proliferate. An investor is able to discern his finances, make informed decisions and trade confidentially; thus, giving them a higher authority over their investment. Moreover, the scope of online trading is popular, as there is no selective geographical location needed for trading. This comfort of trading from anywhere has been the main benefit for youngsters who are entering the financial markets with a hope to earn substantial profits.

Online trading has transformed the way many financial markets operate. Share trading, cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, and other trading tools have grown increasingly attractive due to the simple access provided by the web space. Many investors have now started viewing data online and comparing it with other relevant information to understand the market conditions well. Global digitalization has led to an increase in the dependence of online trading tools, and now people are using online trading to invest capital and gain knowledge.


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