Why Mysore is an Ultimate Weekend Getaway for Bengalureans


Weekends are undoubtedly a great therapy and an energy booster for every workaholic — especially to the IT crowd in Bengaluru. A perfect getaway is a necessity from the hasty everyday life.

People living in Bengaluru are especially fortunate as they get to spend their weekends in a city that is a hub for nature, wildlife, and adventure lovers. For a perfect getaway, a typical Bengalureans generally starts the journey on Friday evening by means of cabs or buses that are available at any given time. The 2-3 hours driveway is extremely convenient and affordable to reach there by night and have a good night’s sleep.

Mysore is such a well-positioned place that it is easy to head out to the city for an ultimate weekend getaway. A land of royal majesty and beautiful landscapes merging with culture, nature, wildlife, and a lot more is what makes Mysore a place to rejoice in tranquility and make the most out of the weekend.

There are plentiful amazing places to explore in this very beautiful city.

History and Heritage

Mysore Palace:

As you walk through the largest palace in India, you’ll witness the splendid architecture and glory of the past.

It is said that even the Buckingham Palace also gets fewer visitors than the Mysore Palace. During Dasara, the palace is decorated grandly and it is a feast to one’s eyes. People from all over the world arrive at Mysore to witness and experience the surreal and rich heritage of Wodeyar Dynasty.

One shall visit this majestic palace to feel the warmth of the festival and encounter the larger than life ceremony.

Nature and Wildlife


Just 30 minutes away from Mysore, is an island formed by the river Cauvery, is one of the most sought-after tourist attraction that garners for its rich heritage, breathtaking architecture and spectacular carvings that leaves every visitor baffled. The road from the palace eventually leads to the riverfront shaded by trees that makes a great place for a picnic. People often come here to spend some quality time with their families. The nearby Ranganathittu is also a wonderful place if you’re a bird love.


An ideal day trip destination, Shivanasamudra is a magnificent waterfall surrounded by thick forest hills and lush greenery, the crystal clear foamy water rushing from the rocks combines to give a compelling view. The falls are a popular destination among people living in Bengaluru, they often come here to cherish the scenic beauty. It also is their realm to liberate from stress.

Mysore Zoo:

The Zoo is one of the most popular locations in Mysore. A perfect place for people of every age to have fun with their friends and friends. A sanctuary to hundreds of birds and animals, the Zoo is home to the majestic Bengal Tiger and a lot of others. A perfect place for children to spend their day observing the wildlife in awe and enchantment.

Beside all the amazing attractions in the city, it also has some beautiful resorts. Mysuru is a kind of place that gives you the feel of resorts around Bengaluru. This city has little or no traffic allowing one to spend most of their time marveling at its scenic beauty. Mysore, ergo, is an ultimate weekend getaway for Bengalureans looking to make the most out of their weekend.


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