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Ways to Curl Beauty Hair


The quote ‘First impression is the last impression’ has been justified over the ages! Impression literally constitutes several physical and personality attributes. Hairstyle being one of the most integral components of one’s appearance remains on the top of the list. Almost every single woman, who has ever walked on this planet, holds the desire of having luscious hair.

The hairstyle adds confidence and vitality in one’s outlook. Simply the hair arrangement is undeniably capable of either dimming or illuminating the personality in the crowd of people. Let’s come straight to the methods with which alluring curls can be achieved.

The natural means to obtain curl apart from hair curling tools is to begin with having a wet hair texture and start the process of twisting and twirling it with the various objects. When the hair gets dried, it manifests into beautiful looking curls of different sizes and shapes giving you an enchanting look. Follow the hair curling tools methods without heat.

  • Hair Rollers: Fixing the hair rollers in the wet hair and removing them after a period of 15 minutes or so will let you achieve excellently styled hair curls. Drying them with the help of a hairdryer or hair curling tools is yet another option that solely depends on your choice. Making use of hairspray will further give voluminous look to your hair.
  • Socks: Create small sections of your hair and twist them around the sock to make a bun out of it. Leave it to dry and get the soft curly texture created out of the sock bun.
  • Braids: Making hair braids in damp hair is yet another option to do natural curls in your hair. The creative braid style will allow you to choose the curl style and let your hair to have a perfect flair of curls.
  • Sulphate Free Dry Look: The content sulphate often found in hair shampoos and conditioners works pretty-hard on your hair giving it a smooth shiny look in return. Use of organic hair products or sulphate free products will enable you to get a coarse hair texture which will naturally give a wavy look to your hair on just a head wash. (P.S. the original hair texture amount to it)
  • Use of Hairpins: Adjusting bobby pins to create desired hair curl type is a similar stance to the above-quoted means to obtain curly hair naturally.
  • Bun: Making a random bun in the damp hair and leaving them as it is until it dries gives an absolute curly appearance of your hair.

Apart from the above-mentioned course to secure curly hair pattern, many modern appliances like hair curling machines/irons etc have made it a child’s play to do hair curls in fractions of seconds without a significant try. The devices are the godsend for those who are struggling to get rid of their regular hair type and looking for creative experiments with their hairs but runs short of time! Hair irons, blow dryers and hair curling machines have undergone many evolutions that are now safe to put its use over the hair. The temperature regulator accessories allow a safe zone for it to be used without the help of a professional.

Such beauty inventions have eliminated the need to visit parlor every now and then to beautify ones appearance. The modest hair machines have fulfilled the desire of every ‘girl next door’ to enhance their beauty without the need to pay hefty bills of the salon! It won’t be wrong to state that these appliances have become the ‘girls’ power that has helped them along their way to transform their personalities and feel confident about themselves!


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