5 Ways to Visit Singapore on a Budget


Do you know that while Singapore is such a beautiful country, it can also be expensive? Yes, that is right. Ask travelers who have been in the country and they will mostly say that the city has a lot to offer, but you will need a good budget to enjoy these attractions.

And while the city may burn a hole in the pocket for some, this does not mean that you can’t travel and have a luxury holiday in Singapore. With proper planning, there are ways to reduce the expenses and travel to Singapore on a budget.

Here are ways to enjoy Singapore on a budget

Purchase their Transportation Card When you First Arrive

This is where most travelers make a mistake once they arrive. Singapore offers one of the best transportation systems in the world and you can take advantage of this as well. At an MRT station or at a 7-Eleven store, purchase the S$12 EZ-Link card that contains an S$7 credit. This will also stop you from getting in queues at ticket machines for MRT and LRT stations.

Forget about the Singapore Tourist Pass

When you use the Singapore Tourist Pass, you will be able to get endless rides during your visit. This is priced at around S$10 and an added S$10 which can be refunded after you return the card and works just the same as the EZ-Link card.

If you get excited out of riding trains, this is good for you, but in most cases, your days in Singapore would be spent exploring great world-class museums, walking inside shopping malls, visiting the beautiful sights, and not on trains.

Carry your own Water Bottle

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, the tap water in the country is safe to consume so you do not need to buy a bottle of water that can cost most at S$2. Just always bring your own glass container with you and refill this for free from a tap or at your hotel.

Visit their Food Halls

Tourists are truly fortunate because the city has a lot of the best food halls and street stalls in Asia. The street food is, in fact, safe to eat and one main factor why most backpackers stay in the city is to experience the food and of course to experience their own luxury holidays Singapore.

Shop Right

Singapore has a lot of shopping malls. Even the country’s airport is a big mall that just happens to have an aeroplane land and departure.

Most of these shopping malls are very expensive so make sure to just do your shopping in shops that are cheap and tourist markets like Chinatown or Little India. Don’t forget to haggle because that is allowed in those areas.

Only buy your snacks and other necessities from the main supermarkets located under the major malls and not in mini-marts or else it would add more to your budget.


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