Why Visit Atlanta With Your Children?


Are you going to visit Atlanta with the children in the near future? Rest assured that you and the little ones will find many wonderful things to see and do! Whether it’s great outdoor activities or fun indoor, Atlanta attractions will have fun, surprise and educate children of all ages.
See them!

1. Georgia Aquarium

This is undoubtedly one of the must-see attractions in Atlanta! It is the largest aquarium in the world, and children of all ages will be absolutely hypnotized! You will be surprised by the glass tunnel, as the fish swim above them and around them; almost everything that nothing can be found here, including penguins and sharks. There is a playground for children only and contact tanks where aquatic creatures can be felt. They can even stroke a shark! Plan to spend several hours here.

2. The Fox Theater

Older children would like to attend a live performance at this wonderful facility. Regardless of the series, just a visit to the Fox Theater is an adventure in itself! Built in the 1920s, the Fox resembles a mosque, with opulent Arab furniture, a huge canopy of Bedouins, exposed beams, turrets, and a fake sky with sparkling stars. Catch a performance of Mama Mia, Young Frankenstein, Annie, or the Moscow Ballet, or enjoy a concert of BB King, Celtic Woman, or Moody Blues

3. Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a wonderful Atlanta attraction. Children can marvel at the antics of animals, travel on the train and the carousel, make furry friends at the petting zoo, and practice rock climbing. Interactive exhibitions and shows will teach you a thing or two, too, in a totally enjoyable way. If the children get tired of looking at the animals, drop them in the yard to relax.

4. Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is one of the many Atlanta attractions in Buckhead. Do you think your children get bored in a garden? Think again! This has all kinds of things for children, including a dragon, a caterpillar tunnel, waterfalls, slides, game fountains, and a cave full of gnomes! Children love to climb the animal statues and search for frogs and birds. Plan to spend at least a couple of hours here, and bring bathing suits for the kids!

5. Stone Mountain Park

It’s worth the short trip to this place just to see Stone Mountain, along with its huge size. But there is much more! The family can hike the mountain, cycle, fish, walk a nature trail, ride the chairlift, ply the lake in a paddle, and play in one of the obstacle courses. In the winter, there is a mountain of snow, with a lot of artificial snow and a hill of 400 meters downhill. Prepare a lunch and spend the day – you will find lovely picnic spots! Stay for fireworks – the biggest laser lights show in the whole world

6. Chastain Horse Park

If you are in Atlanta with a horse lover, take them to this wonderful horse park. They offer therapeutic riding programs, as well as lessons for public and pony rides. The hotel itself is historic – it is located on thirteen acres that were once the original 1939 Stables Buckhead. You will find four barns, four stadiums, a photography studio and a course shop. Check your Atlanta Parent Magazine for other details!


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