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5 Reasons Why the Character of Vicky Kaushal from Raazi is a Man of Dreams!


Vicky Kaushal, the new guy on the block, absolutely stunned us with his mesmerizing performance in the equally beautiful film Raazi, with his character, Iqbal Syed. I am sure, half of the population is already crushing on him and if you’re not, I give you 5 great moments from the film directed by Meghna Gulzar, which will make you fall in love with Iqbal (and Vicky Kaushal too!).

1. The Absolutely Amazing  Personality

Iqbal Syed (Vicky Kaushal) was a Pakistani army officer. A perfect mixture of discipline, toughness and empathetic is what made the character extremely lovable.

2. Extreme Respect for his Wife

Iqbal gave Sehmat (his wife, character played by Alia Bhatt) the space every new-wed arranged marriage couple requires. Heart-warming respect!

3. The Perfect Restraint on Emotions

What’s the greatest thing about the Army? Ability to walk over emotions. Iqbal, calmly moved over every loved person’s death. Even after the death of his own brother, he didn’t let his grief take over him and perfectly maintained his duty.

4. Unconditional, Unending love

Owing to the fact that Iqbal was a trained officer, he could have easily overpowered Sehmat, when she pointed a gun towards him. But, no. That’s what love is!

How Do You Know If He Truly Loves You

5. Stood up for Sehmat, Even when She Worked Against Them

After Sehmat was caught (by Iqbal himself), Iqbal’s father was furious on hearing it. On some unacceptable words toward her, Iqbal stopped his father saying Sehmat only tried to save her country, just like they do. Salute to the doting husband!

Wishing the actor a very Happy Birthday and a heartfelt thank you for playing the perfect justice to such an amazing character in such a sensitive film, Raazi.

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