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Review & Benefits of Vegan BCAA Amino Acid Supplements


BCAA is an acronym for branched chain amino acid. These branched chain amino acids are three essential amino acids that play an indispensable role in protein synthesis. They include valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

Just like other proteins, BCAAs are good for the body. They are, however, very beneficial for the muscles in ways other proteins aren’t. Below are some benefits of vegan BCAA supplements.

A Decrease in Muscle Soreness

There is usually a level of muscle soreness associated with working out. This is even more pronounced if you have just gone through a workout routine that is relatively new to you. According to some studies, vegan BCAA supplements can be used to bring about a reduction in this soreness.

Although there is no perfect explanation for the reason behind muscles soreness which occurs after working out, researchers have postulated that soreness takes place due to small tears which occur in the muscles after working out.

Now, this is where vegan BCAAs come in. During workout sessions, there is usually a breakdown of protein. BCAAs are active in reducing protein breakdown, as well as reducing kinase levels. A high kinase level indicates muscle damage.

Works against the Wasting of Muscles

Naturally, the muscles in the body get broken down and synthesized. For the body to be unaffected by this process, there has to be a balance between the breaking down of muscles and the rebuilding of muscles. With the right balance, there will be the right amount of protein in the muscle. When the frequency in which muscles are broken down exceeds the frequency of building of muscles, muscle wasting sets in.

The muscle contains a lot of proteins. These proteins are 35% BCAA. This implies that with the right level of BCAA in the body, muscle wasting can be avoided.

Improved Muscle Growth

There are indeed lots of benefits of vegan BCAA supplements. Of all these benefits, improved muscle growths are regarded as being one of the most popular. When taken, BCAA brings about the activation of a pathway in the body which speeds up the process involved in muscle making.

According to research, individuals that made it a routine to take drinks that contained up to 5.6 grams of BCAAs just after working out stood a better chance of muscle protein synthesis when compared to individuals that simply took a placebo drink.

Decrease in Fatigue

Just like soreness, there is a level of fatigue associated with working out. Some vegan BCAA brands are not just effective in relieving the body of the pain, which takes place after working out. They are also active in reducing the rate at which muscles get fatigued as a result of exercises.

It is normal to experience some level of fatigue during and after working out. However, there are some factors which determine the rate of fatigue. Most prominent of these factors is the intensity of exercise. During exercise, the body uses up BCAAs. This leads to a drop in the body’s level of BCAAs and a rise in tryptophan, which has a hand in fatigue during workout. This implies that consuming BCAA supplements will keep the level of BCAA in the blood high for a long time, thereby reducing fatigue.


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