What You Should Know about Vaping when Driving


If you had a stressful day at work, and you’re driving back home, sometimes you may want to relax by having an e-cigarette. But, you perhaps don’t know if you’re allowed to vape during driving, or if it will get you booked. Different countries have different laws about this, but most of them are very similar, meaning that vaping during driving can get you fined. There are multiple reasons why vaping while driving is not the best idea, and why it can get you into trouble if you’re not being careful enough.

This article is going to help you understand better everything you should know about vaping when driving, in order to avoid any accidents or misunderstandings.

Obstruction of your Visual Field

Most of the countries laws state clearly that smoking and vaping is forbidden in your car while driving because it obstructs your vision. This law doesn’t only refer to the smoke of the cigarettes, but to everything else that may disrupt your vision while driving. You should prepare yourself for legal repercussions if you get caught vaping while driving.

The most important thing while driving is to get safely to the wanted destination, and if vaping will get in the way of that, then maybe it is not the smartest idea to do it while you drive. Also, you should open your windows if you still decide to give vaping while you drive a chance. This way, most of the smoke will go out, and you shouldn’t have visual problems while you drive.

Another important thing to know is that most countries forbid vaping with children in your car. Vaping while having kids in your car can get you into some serious legal issues, like having to pay a big fee, or having your license taken away from you. So, while there are kids driving with you, you should abstain from vaping, as common sense dictates that it is not a very smart thing to do.

Vaping can Result in Careless Driving

Careless or reckless driving can be very damaging to you and everyone around you, as it may result in some serious issues for pedestrians, other drivers, and especially you. If you decide to vape while you drive, there are many reasons why you could start to drive carelessly, and begin to cause trouble for others and yourself. For example, you may need to refill, clean, or adjust your pen vaporizer, and while doing this, there is no way you can fully concentrate on what’s going on in front of you, so you are at the risk of causing trouble for other drivers and pedestrians. This is a risky business because not only you are risking losing your drivers license and paying a substantial amount of fee, you are risking other peoples’ lives, which is way more important. If you really feel the need to vape, perhaps the best solution is to stop your car somewhere off the road where you can’t put other peoples’ lives and your own one into danger, and then start vaping. This way, you can afford to relax without having to think about legal or financial repercussions.

Another important thing to think about is how vaping can seriously influence your judgement, and your ability to make clear, rational decisions, as its smoke can cause issues like drowsiness, and even temporary blindness. It’s important that you don’t forget this before you decide to vape while you drive.

Vaping while driving can be seriously dangerous because as everything else that takes your eyes off the road and distracts you, it can result in a car crash, and it can be threatening to others and your own life. This is another reason why you should think twice before you start to vape in your moving car, and why you should take all the necessary safety measures to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen.

Many organizations have spoken against the use of vaporizers while driving, saying that the driving is a very important and dangerous thing, and the driver must be completely focused on driving. Also, vaping during driving can increase the chance of crashing and can cause visual, physical and mental distractions.

All activities that take your attention and eyes away from the road can be extremely dangerous for other peoples lives, and your own one. This is why vaping while driving is really risky and dangerous. Roads are always filled with drivers and occasional pedestrians, so it is important to keep your focus on the road, and your arms on the wheel.

If you follow the guidelines of vaping while driving, you might get away without a ticket. This, however, is not a guarantee that you will succeed to do so, because it all depends on the situation, and how the police officer will decide to treat the situation:

  • The vapor must not obstruct your vision field while driving.
  • Make sure to have an open window while vaping, and blow vapour through it, in order to secure a clear visual field.
  • The best solution is to stop your car off the road before you start to vape.
  • Avoid vaping at all when you have children in your car.
  • If you need to adjust, clean or refill your wax pen vaporizers, make sure to stop before doing so, because it can be distracting, and can cause trouble on the road.
  • Don’t throw any of the used stuff out through the window.

As we already mentioned, these guidelines are not a guarantee that you will avoid being fined, but sticking to them can greatly decrease the chance of that happening.

If you follow these rules and stick to the laws of the country you live in, you should be able to vape and drive safely at the same time. However, make sure to prioritize safe driving over everything, and you should be alright.


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