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Why Using Mobile Spy Software for Employees is a Good Idea?


Precarious, oblivious and volatile – this is what defines the current state of our global world economy. But, silicone valley is something that has always booming persistently, giving many other businesses an opportunity to thrive. Workplaces have transformed and so is the need for the management techniques to do the same. There are a few nuances that can make a modern workplace better. Using mobile spy software for employees is a good idea. Don’t think so? Check out these few reasons why a spy software should be integrated to your workplace’s other security tools.

Mobile Spy Software
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1. To Track Employees’ Phone Logs and Emails

Your employee’s smartphone tells you exactly how they are proceeding their daily tasks. Have they made all the necessary calls for the day or are they procrastinating? Or are they using your company-provided cell phone for personal reasons? This isn’t something you signed them up for, did you? Also, companies do monitor employee’s emails on computers, but their smartphones should not be left alone. There are certain spying apps that would even let you intercept and record calls of your employees. So, if you have any doubts about your employees’ performance, mobile spying is what you should be getting them for this year’s increment.

2. To Track their Social Media

If you’re not taking care of your employees’ social media activities, you could face a lot of embarrassment, like one employee working in the silicon valley, who left no stone unturned to defame her company. The employee Talia Jane posted about her starving and deplorable life that she was having while working for a billion-dollar company. Her entrepreneur blog had some appalling grievances. This is an excerpt from her blog:


What lessons can employers learn by this incident? Track employees’ social media, try to be in their shoes and get your employees to the table before they get to the internet against you!

3. To Track their Offline Activities

Not just the online, but your employees offline activities can also tell you a lot about what interests them. And this should interest you too. Employee poaching is very common nowadays. There is even a website called Poachable that can help businesses with that. So, before your employee plans to go to your rival’s place, catch them using their real-time location. Competition is tough these days and it’s a normality for businesses to spy on each other.

4. To Track their Web Browsing

It may seem like less important to managers, but if you have a high employee turnover, you can anticipate the reasons by keeping tabs on what your employees are searching for over the internet. Is it a new job that they’re looking for? Probably, they’re planning to ditch you. But this doesn’t mean that you actually fire your employee before they even put a resignation letter on your table. It simple means that you have a chance to subtly renegotiate with your valuable employees, reducing your chances of losing them.

Using mobile software for employees is a good idea. Get one for your company today!


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