How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business?

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Using Twitter for business? Does that sound vague? Here’s what the company says “Every day, millions of people use twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. People are turning to it as an effective way to reach out to businesses, too. From local stores to big brands, and from brick-and-mortar to internet-based or service sector, people are finding great value in the connections they make with businesses on the platform.” Looking at how trendy online advertising has become the main source of marketing, we would like to tell you how smartly you may use this social media for your business.

1.  Making Connections with Potential Customers

Twitter is a great complimentary platform of communication, when utilized along with YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s quite simple. Your customers are online. Your business should be too. Most customers turn to internet and social networks for information on products and services. It contains many networking channels such as hashtag chats, which you can use to follow hashtag pertaining to target conferences, for the purpose of meeting up with someone and networking face to face.

2. Finding Real Time Leads

Wondering how to choose real time leads from millions of people?? How is this even remotely possible? It’s a daunting place to start. Well wipe that wrinkles off your forehead!!! We don’t want you to age soon. Simply use its advanced search to do keyword searches that are relevant to the business. There are lots of different parameters like location that you can easily set. This will help you find real time conversations around keywords you have been looking for.

3. Listen to The Potential Leads

Now let’s take some time off from this online thing. Let’s see, suppose you go to a party where you don’t know a single person. What would you do? Simply barge in and start participating in every conversation? Even Mr. Bean doesn’t do that!!! Ok, keeping the jokes apart!!! Same thing goes with online conversations. Listen first, to what conversations have been going on, then find out which conversation is relevant to your context. Finally you can join the conversation and provide your own insights.

4. Writing Valuable Content

Believe it or not even the unemployed person is not interested in sparing 5 mins of their time. Time is definitely underrated. So, whatever you are doing make sure it’s creative and good enough to attract attention. By creating valuable content and tweeting it, you are able to attract the crowd to your website or blog. Once you get your followers to your website, it’s your job to convert them into leads using call-to-actions and premium content offers.

5. Building a Targeted List in Twitter

You can build a targeted email list using paid advertising. Then you can sync the campaign and every lead that you get will automatically be imported into your list. Twitter makes it very simple for its users to accept your offer. It takes a single click and confirmation for them to submit their email addresses to your list. It automatically passes the email address associated with the users account, so that you know you are receiving a valid email every single time.

Remember people go to Twitter to share what they know and learn in return. They are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, products and services. Go for it, and if you are an entrepreneur, embrace risks!


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