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US Passport: Know About the Latest Changes


The US travelers, who are planning to make international travel must possess certain acquaintance regarding the recent changes in the passport regulation in the country to make the journey hassle free. One must be confident regarding know-how of the recent US passport in order to not get stuck up either in attainment of the passport or for that matter during the journey. Here are a few things, which need to be known before going for a passport or even the renewal. For that matter as the people, who are applying for the renewal had gone through the entire system with the earlier set of regulations still in place.

1. Renew your US Passport Hastily

By now we all know that there will definitely be a surge in passport application throughout America as the bulk who had applied for the passports around the year 2007 will have their passports expired by these couple of years. As such, you need to apply for yours at the earliest in accordance to your place like if you are located in the northwest, you can opt for the Seattle passport agency where you get the services like the reputed passport renewal Seattle before the sudden jump in the number of passport applications.

2. Real ID Changes

This is supposed to be a hectic thing for people who are lagging back in technology. Especially the states who are lagging after than the others. With the enforcement of the new Federal law called the Real ID Act, people will now need state level identification with features like machine readable data chips in order to travel abroad in the very near future. This might prove to be quite hectic to many a people.

3. New Security Features

As the state IDs, even the new US passport will have a lot of security features most of which would be related to technology and passport Seattle in no exception. It will also contain a data chip with all information regarding you stored inside. This will provide all data once spanned into a computer. Then, there would be no option of increasing the number of pages in the new passport and you would have to apply for a fresh one if you have used up all the pages in your passport book.

4. Be Cautious Regarding Children Passport

Remember to check the children US passport once more before traveling as not only do they require additional documents but they also are valid only for 5 years unlike the adult passports. As such, you might fetch yourself into a problem in things are not looked after in a proper manner.

5. Photo is very Sensitive

You require to be doubly cautious regarding the photo while applying for a new US passport or for that matter applying for its renewal. Remember that the photo you have chosen must be a new one which resembles your looks. Be cautious regarding wearing spectacles while clicking the photo. Once you have done a facial tattoo, remember to submit a new photo after that.

Once these things are kept in mind properly before or during applying for the passport in Seattle, you can be rest assured that there would not be any problems in the rest of the process. So it is better to be cautious rather than being tensed.


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