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Unique Saree Draping Styles to Look Hot and Sexy


Saree is no longer considered as a traditional and boring attire by women of today’s generation. And, it’s not restricted only to India anymore. Even global icons like Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Selena Gomez and many others have been spotted in this lovely attire in various occasions.  Modern women simply love to don sarees in refreshing, sexy styles.  Let’s have a look at the various sexy saree draping styles. Choose the one in which you’ll be able to carry yourself with utmost style and confidence.

1. Dhoti Style Saree Draping

dhoti style saree draping
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This style has become one of the most popular saree draping styles among the fashion and style lovers across the world. It’s one of the unique ways to wear saree. And,it  is often accessorized with high heeled footwear.

2. Atpoure Saree Draping Style

bengali style saree draping
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The Atpoure style of draping a saree is considered to be one of the sexy sari draping styles for women. It is very easy indeed. It provides an exclusive blend of grace with tradition. This style of draping the saree makes a woman look elegant, pretty and gorgeous.

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3. Butterfly Style of Draping

bollywood style saree draping
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This is supposed to be the current favorite among the fashionstas. This style is also known as the Bollywood style. It is one of the saree draping styles, which make you look hot and sexy. The pallu of the saree is tied very thin so that the navel gets exposed a bit. This adds to the sex appeal of the individuals.

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4. Mumtaz Saree Style

mumtaz style saree draping
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Yet a favorite style of draping a saree is the Mumtaz Style. Though, it provides a retro look, but you can never ignore the sensuality it imparts. The saree is draped tightly along the lower body so that you get the chance to flaunt your figure perfectly in it. This style of draping the saree makes you look sensuous and bold.

5. Neck Wrap Style of Saree Draping

neck wrap style saree draping
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Last but not the least, the neck wrap style of draping a sari is one of the most sexy sari draping styles as well. This style helps to ace the perfect classic look coupled with a touch of tradition, confidence and sensuality.

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These are some of the refreshing yet sexy sari draping styles, which are being loved by the fashion lovers across the world. Sari draping requires a touch of creativity. Draping a saree in style helps you to flaunt your figure, boost your level of confidence and enhance your personality.


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