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7 Charming Yet Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Baby Shower


Baby Shower is one of the celebration processes to welcome the upcoming new born baby in the family. The women and a baby get blessing from the elders of a family and relatives. Some families like to celebrate the baby shower in the month of seven of pregnancy; they believe that the baby and the mother is in the safe position after seventh month. There are a lot of ways to celebrate the baby shower party. If you are also looking for some great party ideas, then here are 7 charming yet unique gender reveal party ideas for baby shower:

Host a Gender Reveal Paint Fight

Gender reveal paint fight is one of the unique idea through which the guest will remember the baby shower party till a long time. By painting a man and woman with different color, it will give a different look to the party theme. This is one of the best ways to celebrate the baby shower party. Also, use different types of cakes for both the gender. But don’t forget to tell the guest to wear old clothes at the time of the party.

Dropping Gender Reveal Cookies

Cookies are one of the fine things in celebration of the baby shower party. There are various people who know how to cook a delicious cookies, there are some good shops are available in the nearby area that provide the cookies, get connected with them an order the gender reveal cookies. This type of cookies will give an extra charm to party. You can also look for the new baby gifts online for the gender reveal party.

Smash a Gender Reveal Piñata 

When you think about this idea then you must have to very precise with the idea. You can look at the photos of the couple and realize that they really had a very good time. You can wish well for them, it is one of a wonderful idea for the baby shower party.

Pop a Balloon Filled with Pink or Blue Confetti

Balloons are one of the best party items which will help to decorate the party location, but balloons can be used in different formats in the baby shower party. Take blue and pink balloons, pop a balloon with some glitter. Then tell the guest to select any one balloon, those who think that a new baby will be a boy they have to select the blue one or for a girl, they have to select a pink one. Then on the basis of a selection, one can predict. It is just for fun.

Gender Reveal Glitter Egg

This is one of the items through which the guest and the family member can recognize or guess the newborn baby. Just make the egg size item which is completely filled with the pink or blue glitter. Randomly pick the eggs from the bowl and then crack it and check what is the guessing of the guest or the family member. If anyone wants to save the time then it is easy to order the eggs from the shops, there are lots of online websites who provide the doorstep delivery.

Balloon Launch Gender Reveal Surprise

In some party, host like to through the party in with some lavishness, they arranged a lot of things in party with some delicious lunch or dinner. Some good sweats and many more things, they also like to launch something in the sky, they believe if anything launch in sky at the time of baby shower, the new baby will also take a good hike in his/her life. It is always good to see that a numerous number of balloons with different color will go in the sky at the same time.

Baby Reveal Decorations

You can look for special ideas for decorations, and to make the moment more special, you can send cake online, it is one of a great and ideal way to celebrate the moment. You can also choose two cakes, one for a girl or one for a boy.

Baby shower is the day which come in a girl’s life, along with her family like to share this good occasion with their relatives and friends, above are some party ideas which gives and extra enjoyment and fun in the baby shower party.


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