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Understand Drug Testing Reviews – Passing a Urine & THC Drug Tests with Drug Testing Reviews


When applicants apply for a job, they may be asked to do tests for drugs and alcohol. Some employers may even do this before extending an offer of employment to you. It depends on the policies of the company and state laws and sometimes, employees may get screened for alcohol and drugs in the workplace.

Drug tests related to employment vary from one company to another. Here is the detail about the kind of tests that managers uses, when candidates and workers are likely to be screened, and sorts of drugs that will be tested. Go through this detailed review by the Drug Testing Reviews website which will help you understand the means to ace a drug test for marijuana or other substance.

Which Drug Tests Are You Booked for?

Though there are 4 tests to screen for marijuana, a urine drug test is used 75% of the time. There is a high probability that your employer will ask you to do it. However, they may prefer a hair follicle test. The least preferred one is the saliva test which isn’t trustworthy enough to detect Marijuana. You will be rarely asked to do a blood test.

A 3rd party pathology laboratory is often hired to do the test for companies.  All your employer will give you is the appointment test, the address of the lab and test type. You can beat most of the tests. Since the urine test is very common, the methods below will show you how to pass it.

Ways to Pass a Urinalysis / Urine Test

THC-COOH, a metabolite of pot is the main thing that the lab will test you for in your urine. The benefit of a pee test is that there are many conceivable manners by which you can pass it.

Artificial Urine

Artificial urine is the best thing for you if you can’t stay away from your regular pot dosage. It is a man-made solution that contains inorganic and organic compounds such as ammonia and creatinine -manufactured to feel, look and smell like urine. Even the specific gravity and pH match that of pee.

Factors that Will Affect How You’ll Use the Artificial Urine

  • Unsupervised Tests

All you have to do is go into the cubicle, take the artificial urine pouch or tube out of your pocket and submit it as yours. Don’t forget to test it with a thermometer. If it is too cold, add a bit of heat activating powder and shake it to adjust the temperature. You will surely pass so long the artificial urine isn’t watery or of low quality.

  • Adjustable Belt For Supervised Tests

If your drug test will be supervised, you can wear an adjustable waist belt to hide the synthetic urine. Just make it seem like you are peeing and squeeze the urine pouch into the bottle. The only problem is if you forget to pierce the pouch beforehand or you get busted by a lab technician who might ask you to lift up your shirt and remove your underwear.

Detox Drinks

To prevent excretion of drug metabolites in your pee or mask it, you can use some drinks to detox. It can only work for a limited time so it is only advisable to use it for short notice tests.

As recommended, if there is a chance that somebody is going to watch you pee in the room, the most ideal approach to breeze through the test is by using detox drinks. The two popular detox drinks that work include Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean.

It is recommended mostly for people that weigh more than 200 pounds and smoke often. XXtra Clean is effective and advisable for people that weigh lesser.

How to use Detox Drinks

Do note there are distinct use directions for various detox drink brands. Examples are below

Ultra Eliminex:

  1. Shake the bottle and make it cool. Drink it after 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. It is essential to pee thrice at least (once every 20 minutes).
  3. Your urine should be free from metabolites or toxins.

Mega Clean:

  1. On the test day, to be free of toxins, use the one  Toxin Rid pre-cleanse pill every hour (6 times) with a 16-ounce glass of water
  2. Then drink the whole detox solution bottle an hour or two before your test. Refill the bottle with water after 15 minutes, shake and drink it all up.
  3. Go to the loo to pee often. Note this detox works excellently at 3 hours.

An important rule is to stay away from alcohol and drugs some days before the test. Eat a balanced diet rich in fiber, exercise often and drink a lot of water.

Detox Pills:

They are a more reliable way to cleanse the body system since they include a mixture of dietary fiber and detox drink. Let me explain the advantages of using dietary fiber in a detox program.

Fiber helps to remove fat from your system by attaching to bile present in intestines and it also boosts the bowel movement. Since THC metabolites are often stored in the fat, once the metabolites are passes out as stool, there will be less to nothing left in your system to show up in the urine. Even if that little THC do get absorbed back into the urine, the detox solution will get rid of it.

You can buy Toxin Rid detox kits with 3 to 10-day plans based on how often you use drugs or smoke marijuana. Just buy a minimum of 7 days plan to be on the safe side. This kit works for most drugs such as Cocaine, Weed, Speed, Amphetamines, Ecstasy, Heroin etc.

To round everything up, the finest ways to ace a drug test include using high-quality synthetic urine that has uric acid and urea.  Using a cleansing/detox drink is your second best option. Detox pill is the fastest way to detox. The last option is to detox naturally over a course of 4 weeks.


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