Trendy Dresses: Famous Trends for Bridesmaid


Your special day is incomplete without a bridesmaid. Young girls from your family or social circle, such as friends, cousin, sister, etc. can do the honor. After selecting 3 to 4 girls for your big day, you have to choose perfect dresses for them. Nowadays, you can get a variety of cheap bridesmaid dresses. It is not necessary to buy a uniform for your girls. You can mix and match different trends to create a pretty look. Here are some latest trends to increase the beauty of your bridesmaid.

One-Shoulder Dresses

A bridal party looks crazy with asymmetrical details. You can choose soft neutral for perfection. Black dresses look stylish but carry a bouquet with different colors for a bold statement.  Gunmetal can be a chic option to add drama to your attire without using dark shades. If you want a similar dress style for girls, let them pick their favorite shoes to discriminate their look. Navy can be a good choice with a pop of colors.

Vibrant and Bold Hues

Bold hues look vivacious on your wedding day. For bridesmaid dresses, you can choose a plum jewel tone with monochromatic dresses. Pair your dresses with bouquets of lighter flowers. Yellow can be a great color to give a dose of sunshine in your bridal party. Complement yellow dresses with dark pink heels.

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Beautiful Mismatched Gowns 

For a mismatched party, you can choose one color in different shades. For instance, you can try different shades of purple to create mismatched gowns. A bridal party looks stunning with different shades, patterns, and necklines. Sequin dresses can be a good choice for girls who like shiny dresses.

Sassy and Short Dresses

The sweetest hues of blush on short dresses can rock your look. Shades of poppy and coral are trendy nowadays. Little gray bridesmaid dresses with beautiful bouquet can complement anyone. You can choose printed skirts for your bridesmaids to give them a stylish makeover.

Pastels for Mismatched Look

The mismatched bridesmaids look beautiful in pastel shades. These shades are great to epitomize springtime events. The beautiful flowy gowns and gorgeous bouquets can make anyone swoon. Try a bohemian glam for your bridesmaid. Your girls will feel comfy and pretty in these gowns.

Sequins Galore

Glitzy dresses are famous with bridesmaids and brides. If you want some glamour and glitz, you can buy dresses with sequins, embellishments, and beading. Embrace a touch of sparkle and summery overlay or choose a full sequins gown, diamante waist details and embellished neckline for your special day.

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Romantic Tiers

Elegant tiers always look beautiful in bridal collection. These dresses can add some romance and drama to bridal gowns. You can create a lovely layered look without the trouble of matching and mixing.

Luscious laces can increase the beauty of cute caps and lace bodice. Try to play with different necklines and statement skirts. Floral prints look pretty during summer weddings. You can try incredible dresses in dark shades with dots and blooms in winter/autumn.


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