Touring Assisted Living Communities

What to Look for When Touring Assisted Living Communities?


What do you look for when you’re searching for a new home? Yes, that precise list you are jotting down now is what you want for your loved one. But in this case, they are elderly, and they need much more help.

Looking through the examples of good assisted living communities can be a hard task. That is why it’s important to tour the facilities to get the real idea. As you go touring, take these tips below with you so you can get the perfect place to call home for your senior loved one.

Touring Assisted Living Communities

You’ve made the call and booked an appointment to tour the assisted living facility. What’s next? There are lots of things to check on, to inspect and ask about. It’ll be a good idea to have a checklist on standby.

Besides that, there are certain things you should look out for.

1. Inspect their Level of Hygiene

It’s already established that your senior loved one needs help with many things, including bathing. As so, it’s crucial to look for a home that observes cleanliness with high regards.

How often do they clean the home? Change their bedding? Clean their washrooms? Do their laundry? What about their housekeeping? And the kitchen? All these factors are important to understand how well your loved one will be taken care of.

Check the windows if they open up well. Are they dusted? Are the cupboards are free from termite? Do they vacuum the carpet? All the things he/she will need to be assisted with.

2. Activity Levels in the Home

All assisted living communities operate differently. They indulge their members with different activities and schedules to keep them active and occupied. Activities are especially essential to the elderly because of memory care. Statistics show that over 60% of aged adults suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease.

Having a home that keeps them busy and on the move is a good way to aid their memory and body functions to keep them alive.

It’s always a good idea to ensure you take the tour when activities are ongoing. Just to have a peek at some things they do during the day. Do they have TV time? Play bingo? Interact with each other? Go on outdoor outings? And much more.

3. Observe the Staff

When you let go of your senior, you want the person or people you hand over to, take care of them with kindness, love, and patience. As you take your assisted living tour, keep a keen eye on the staff to observe how they relate to the elderly.

What is their general attitude towards the job? Are they qualified? Are they friendly? Ask about the staff to resident ratio to understand how well they are taken care of in terms of attention. Ask about the availability of medical staff 24/7 and the staff’s response at night.

4. Dine at the Assisted Living Community

It’s important to go through their menu choices and indulge in their cuisine. Talk to the cooking staff about any allergies or meal preferences your loved one may have. See their flexibility in meals to ensure they aren’t fed the same thing every day.

How often are they fed? Are you allowed to bring food from home during visits? Or are you allowed to bring in snacks for them?

It will also be a good opportunity to speak to the seniors who already stay there. Ask about their opinions on the place. Get recommendations and feedback from them and family members who may be available.

5. Safety and Security Concerns

From a general standpoint, certain matters may not need to be addressed during a tour. But security should be on top of the list. How safe will your senior loved one be under their care? Do they have a record book to note down all the visitors who come in and out?

When are the doors on lockdown at night? Are there guards who secure the premises day and night? What about the safety of the elderly? Check that the bathroom area has bars for their help: the panic buttons and a clear pathway of information during emergencies.

Look to see if they have a dispensary section for medical emergencies, maybe a standby ambulance. Check the locks on the doors and a security parameter outdoors for when they have activities outside.

6. Personal Matters

As mentioned above, how well your senior will be cared for is one important factor to look out for. Ask about their bathing routine, general grooming, and dressing options. Are you allowed to have a personal caregiver and other related issues?

7. Rules and Regulations

As you search through what to look for in assisted living centres, go through the rules and regulations under the home of your choice. Certain homes are more strict than others in terms of behavior and other things.

Look to see if you agree with the stipulated terms, as they will require you to sign contracts before they do any moving. An assisted living facility could have branches, ask if there is a certain criterion to where one is placed or they allow you to move homes.

8. Cost of Living

It’s important to note that these homes don’t lie under the same cost bracket. Expenses could be as high or as low as you can afford. Check to see through every cost and expenses incurred plus their forms of payment. Settle for one that coincides with what you can afford.

9. Go with Your Gut

Call it intuition, instinct, or a gut feeling. But when you get the right home, you will feel it. Warmth in your heart, acceptance, and joy. Once everything is at ease and par with your needs, then you are in the right place.

The Perfect Senior Living Community

All too often, we worry if at all we will find the perfect assisted living facility to call home for our loved one. We get so tied up in the intricate details and forget that a home is only great when you’re surrounded by a loving community.

Combine that and all the tips above. You will have what you’re looking for. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of our healthy and essential solutions to various spheres of life.


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