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Top Tips for a Perfect Wedding Planning


Are you going to get married soon and you have no idea where to start from, and you want to make it the best and a perfect event of your life? Don’t worry we have got you! This article is for all those girls and guys out there who have their wedding coming soon. We are going to tell you a few very important tips on how you can ensure your special day goes without any trouble and with foolproof planning. From venues to the guest list, we have got it all covered.

1. Start Planning Early

If your wedding is in the end of the year and it’s November already, don’t think this means you have plenty of time left to plan your wedding. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will become for you. Having a clear plan before you start, will save you from trouble and you would know how you are going to do it.

2. Allocate the Budget

Don’t just start spending when you haven’t allocated the budget for your wedding because that might get you in trouble. And never forget the little spending because it can also become a nightmare for you in the end or when you are running low on the budget. Allocating budget for everything will ease things for you, and it will also save you from the trouble of getting loans in the end. And lastly always have a backup plan or some saved extra money for any kind of mishap.

3. Helping Hands

Always know who in your family and friends are going to help you with your wedding because only then you can rely on them or assign them the different tasks. Getting help from the people you trust will definitely help you out with everything.

4. Get The Best Photographer

This to me is the most important part of planning a wedding because this is all you’d left with in the future as good pictures make good memories. Be very selective with the wedding photographers, ask around, and see their work they have done before, talk to them and also get to know the charges they take and then decide who should cover your big day!

5. The Venue

Here comes another very important part of the planning, choose the venue very carefully and try to book a place which is convenient for you and your guests. Also, make sure that the venue should easily accommodate the number of guests you are inviting. Venues like San Francisco City Hall along the best photographer like that provides City hall wedding photography packages will make a perfect wedding.

6. Guests List

Be selective and sure whom to invite to your big day because you don’t want half of the city to attend your wedding. Make a list as soon as possible and discuss it with your family.

7. The Menu

One of the biggest talking points on a wedding is the food. From selecting the chef to the menu, very carefully select the whole thing keeping in mind you are going to feed hungry guests that you have invited to your wedding.

I really hope these tip would help you perfectly plan your wedding.


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