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Top Things To Do While In Hong Kong


Hong Kong is truly surprising since there are really a lot of things to experience while you are on the island.

Here are some interesting and fun things you can do while traveling on a luxury holiday in Hong Kong.

1. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the perfect place to watch the gigantic city horizon since it is the highest point in Hong Kong with an elevation of 552 metres.

Take the Tram to Victoria Peak to experience and see the views of the Island’s abundant trees, high rises, and pathways.

Once you reach the top, you will see skyscrapers, attractive clear waterways, and the verdant hills of the New Territories. You can also enjoy the stunning scenery of the city lights at night with the stars dazzling the sky above.

2. Ding Ding

Local people lovingly call this cable car “Ding Ding” and has been in used in the island for more than a century. But while the tram is already old, it is amazing how it still works perfectly in the busy city street.

Ride the Ding Ding to feel the colorful atmosphere of Hong Kong. It doesn’t move fast and stop in the right places so you can appreciate the busy streets while taking great photos.

3. The Star Ferry

The Star Ferry has been servicing passengers from the Island to Kowloon since 1888. Today, it is best used by travelers to appreciate the view of the Victoria Harbour.

Take a closer look at the many towering high rises of the island while on the ferry. And at night, admire the light show as you are floating on the calm waters.

4. Local Restaurant

Go to a local restaurant and enjoy a variety of dim sum cuisine that is truly astonishing. These restaurants mostly offer around thirty to fifty different cuisines, which includes shrimp dumplings, congee, spring rolls, steamed pork or beef dumplings, and so on.

5. Street Night Market

Experience the street night market at Temple Street. There, you will find and try authentic local food while buying souvenirs.

6. Lantau Island

Your Luxury holidays Hong Kong won’t be completed if you do not visit Lantau Island since this is the home of Disneyland Hong Kong.

Lantau Island is one of the most popular attractions among tourists since this is also the biggest island in Hong Kong. Once in the island, visit and tour Disneyland, Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping 360 and Tai O.



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