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Finding Love: Theory of Love, Online Dating and Top Latin Dating Websites


Love is probably one of the most complicated and diverse topic to talk about. It is so controversial that people hardly know what it means. Yet, we believe that it is the force that makes us human. It is an energy passed from person to person, and it gives them what they need. As the 3rd law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another. It is such a universal concept and even the most evil of men and women have experienced this. Love is ever present and many people do their best to find it.

This love that we’re talking about mainly focuses on interpersonal relationship. As there are many kinds of love, the interaction between people is the most coveted one. According to Robert Sternberg (read more about him here), there are three components of love:

1. Intimacy

This can be referred to as closeness of the persons involved in the relationship. The sense of familiarity that we feel for the other person makes this component the closest to friendship. Intimacy is also the component, which makes us feel comfortable with the other person. This warmth of feeling contributes to the overall system of the relationship.

2. Passion

This is the fiery component, full of physical attraction and desire for the other person. It is very similar to lust as it can pertain to the sexual desire for someone. It can also be referred to as a cluster of strong emotions like anger, which can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

3. Commitment

Lastly, commitment focuses on the desire to stay with the other person. Sometime known as loyalty, this component makes you want to stay in the relationship. It is a conscious action, making a promise to yourself and the other person to maintain the relationship.

Finding someone with whom you can share all of these components can be considered as a “perfect” love. However, as this is considered as rare and unattainable, the next healthiest set of relationships includes at least two components. It is said that a relationship focusing on only one component can be a sign of a weak relationship. It may not last and will not be good for both parties. Every relationship has varying degrees of intimacy, passion and commitment. You do not need to have all three but striving for all is the best course of action.

You may agree or disagree with this theory but it tells us something about our own relationships. Finding that type of balance is hard but worth everything. This is why many people find this love the most desirable one. Usually, we look for it from other people and chase the romantic dream. However, not all of us have the courage to actually go out and meet someone. It is even more difficult to find your actual type as you will encounter many people. There are also others who tend to go out and feel disappointed with who they meet. As we are now living in the digital age, the internet has given us a solution: online dating.

There are many dating websites today that offers people a platform for interaction. There are even websites which caters to a certain demographic. There are also websites like which lists down apps that can help you find the love of your life. If you really want to experience online dating, here are some tips that can help you:

1. Look for Legitimate Websites

Many people take advantage of these applications to con others. As these dating websites offers bits of personal information, it can be easy for these people to track you down. Many horror stories circulate around the internet which warns people of these activities. Some even leave the sites due to privacy reasons. Fortunately, most dating websites today follow the data privacy rules and regulations. They also check the profiles to see who are the real members and those who are just bots. Most of the time, these bots are harmless but you will never know what will happen if you reply. App

2. Confirm the Identity of the Person

There are many ways you can confirm if your chat mate or partner is actually real or not. You can ask for pictures as long as you are also comfortable of sharing your own. Also, you can ask for cues or basic questions which cannot be answered by bots. Catfishing is also very prevalent on these dating websites. This happens when a person takes the identity of another and uses his or her pictures to attract other people. If this happens, report immediately so that it will be resolved by the website’s administrators. Stealing another person’s identity is a crime and should be avoided at all costs.

3. Know Exactly What You Want

Most of these dating websites promise to help you finding that everlasting love. However, if you are just looking for a hookup there are options for you as well. As long as you make it clear to the other person, it will better for you and him or her. Do not lead them into thinking that you want a relationship and only stay for a night. It is not just rude for the other person; you are also crushing their feelings. Be sensitive to them and try to balance their needs and your own. If you are not happy anymore, make it clear to the other person as well. It will lessen your feelings of guilt and help you become a better person.

4. Always Stay Safe

This refers to both online and actual interaction. Before you meet in real, make sure that you already know the person. Gathering evidences while you are chatting while giving some of your own forms trust between the two of you. If you want to sleep with him or her, use protection especially if you still feel that you are not ready. Know your worth and limits, and it can help your relationship in the long run.


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