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The fashion industry is still equally important as it was 50 years ago. When thinking about the future, we will probably continue seeing this industry as one of the most important as well. Today’s fashion brands are finding new ways of reaching their target audience which was impossible to imagine just 10 years ago. Social media has completely changed the rules of the game and now, fashion is much closer to all of us than ever before.</p

Also, celebrities are focusing increasingly on fashion in their music videos, events and social media accounts. They are utilizing fashion as a tool to express their uniqueness and creativity. From simple and basic to eccentric and bold, the choice varies from one person to another.

As we’re more aware of the fashion trends now, businesses in this industry are changing their approach and embracing other audiences who are becoming interested in their products. Who are celebrities whose styles these audiences are imitating? Who is a big inspiration to the entire world thanks to its style?

In this article, we bring you top celebrity fashion icons today. If you’re looking for inspiration, just check out their social media accounts and you’ll surely find something you like, regardless of the occasion.

1. Jennifer Lopez

We can’t start this list without Jennifer Lopez who was named the fashion icon of 2019 by the CFDA – Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. Jennifer has been present on the scene for 30 years now where she established herself as a singer, actress and also fashion icon. All of her red carpets are wins as she really puts a lot of effort into finding exactly what she wants. Of course, when you look like her, everything will look stunning on you, but in the recent few years, she has really evolved when it comes to fashion. Her style is playful with just the right touch of luxury, and there’s no doubt about it: Jennifer’s style is one of the favorites to imitate!

2. Zoe Kravitz

Every celebrity has its unique fashion style, but there is no one like Zoe Kravitz. The daughter of famous singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet is a YSL beauty ambassador and she’s been under the spotlight from her early years. Her exquisite beauty is highlighted with her fashion choices which are always fantastic. Zoe enjoys the fusion of boho, punk and glam, and nobody can combine it so well as she can. This talented actress and model are favorized by many designers who appreciate something different on the fashion scene. If you’re looking for a unique style to inspire you, Zoe’s wardrobe is probably your version of heaven!

3. Blake Lively

This gorgeous actress is always one of the most anticipated people to show up on the red carpet. With Blake’s fashion style, you can expect to see anything and everything. She enjoys wearing mini dresses, but also long, boho dresses, and since recently, her suit collection is something that makes us question why we never choose to wear suits ourselves. Blake wears everything so perfectly and she enjoys playing with different items, some of them which even look like they’ve been stolen from her husband’s wardrobe, also actor Ryan Reynolds. She always says that privately she is such an ordinary, normal person, but her outfits for the red carpet and other events are everything but ordinary! If you own a sewing mannequin, dresses similar to what Blake wears on red carpet definitely deserves to be on it!

4. Meghan Markle

Is there a more popular wedding that the Royal wedding in 2018? We were all excited to see what Meghan will be wearing for her wedding with Prince Harry. As she was becoming a part of the Royal Family, her style was recognized as something completely different than the entire occasion would suggest. Her classic yet chic style is praised and adored by many women around the world. Her dresses are even inspiring many high-street brands to offer women something similar but for a more affordable price. Speaking of Meghan as a fashion icon, the reason why so many people love her is that she is down to Earth, and her style reveals that being simple but unique is what Meghan loves about fashion.

5. Paris Jackson

Her name and surname sound familiar, but you’re not sure where to place her? Well, she is the daughter of one of the biggest pop icons of all times – Michael Jackson. His daughter Paris, even though in her teenage years, is very often under the spotlights. Luckily, these allow all of us boho lovers to enjoy her stunning outfits. Paris is in love with boho and rock style and she blends them perfectly. She nurtures the natural look, without too much makeup, but her fashion combinations are always so playful and creative, she truly doesn’t need to add too much to them. You will often see her wearing a ripped pair of jeans or boho floral dresses which are her favourite choice whether she out during the day or night.


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