Thanksgiving Party Ideas: Planning a Party this Year?


The Thanksgiving party is a striking event, where individuals overlook their distresses, hatred and hold hands to celebrate the occasion with happiness, fun and satisfaction. This occasion brings people from various parts of the globe together. Friends meet, family members come together and neighbors forget their enmity and celebrate together. People try to make this party special by adding a touch of creativity and love. They plan for eminent parties, which include beautiful decoration, lip-smacking food, exciting games and wonderful Thank you gifts. This is the occasion, where people of various thoughts and ages rejoice together. Here are the top 5 thanksgiving party ideas. These will make the party remarkable and exciting.

1. Thanksgiving Invitation

thanksgiving invitationThis is indeed the initial step of organizing a party, the Thanksgiving invitation. Choose the words properly. And, the invitation can truly portray the grip of your creativity. You can collect all the colorful leaves in your yard and write down all the specifications of your party, the venue, timing, host names, etc in it and send it to your guests. Personalize the invitations for this big day. Small pumpkins can also be used to invite your guests. Try something unique and creative for your party invitation. This makes the party captivating and enthralling.

2. Thanksgiving Decoration

The decoration shall be such that it spreads warmth and happiness all around the party. First and foremost, adopt a theme. The theme may be feminine or masculine. Based on the theme, choose the colors. Opt for the contrasting bright colors like orange, burgundy, purple, brown, golden and more. Put some colorful fall flowers and fruits all around. The table top, curtains, napkins and the cushions shall be chosen carefully based on the theme. Add some beautiful crafts and show pieces to decorate the party. These impart liveliness to the air. Select a beautiful centerpiece for the party.

3. Thanksgiving Food and Beverages

The major attractions of the Thanksgiving party are the foods and the beverages. So, arranging for the delicious and lip-smacking food is mandatory. Every family has its own traditions. However, some of the most popular dishes are mashed cauliflower, seasonal salads, citrus baked turkey, pickled ham, cranberry sauce, bean casserole, potato gratin with tomato toppings. Serve the perfect dessert with the cheese cakes, pumpkin cakes, apple pie cake or the cupcakes. The dinner is completely incomplete without serving the beverages. Fruit juices like frozen apple juice or pumpkin juice with nutmeg and cinnamon are wonderful.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

4. Thanksgiving Games

It is your duty to make it a point that the party you hosted on this beautiful day does not lack luster and is not dull. Plan for some exciting party games like hunt turkey or bowling pumpkins to add glamor to the party. Apple pass game is an exciting game, where the players can make use of any part of their bodies except their legs and hands to pass the apple. You can also use small pumpkins to pin down the bottles. You can also try out Memory games with your kids. The games will make your party thrilling and fun lively.

5. Thank You Gift Hampers

Last but not the least, arranging the Thank you gift hampers for your guests. Depending on the budgets and the guest to whom you are giving, the gifts will vary. You can choose fashionable scarf’s, knitted mufflers, wonderful cufflinks, beautiful jewelries, trendy handbags, cute hats and woolen gloves. You can also provide some electronic gifts like iPad, iPhones, laptops, tablets. People greet each other and exchange gifts in this happy occasion. This is a wonderful gesture to spread joy, delight, glee and warmth all around the place. This indeed is a wonderful way to make the party memorable.

It’s time to get yourself geared for the Thanksgiving party preparation ideas. These will make the Thanksgiving day colorful, enthralling and will fill the hearts with joy and ecstasy.

What are your ideas to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day? Share with us in the comment section below.


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