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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Almond Oil


The almond tree is native to South Asia and Middle East region of the world. The fruit of the trees is known as Almond. It consists of a hard shell that contains the seed within. Almond fruit has  a wide array of nutritional elements including calcium, iron, copper and phosphorus. The fruit is also rich in vitamins like niacin and vitamin E. The sweet almonds are edible while the bitter almonds are used for making almond oil. Just like almond, almond oil also has a range of benefits for human health. Here are the top 5 health benefits.

1. Better Brain Health

Almond contains two nutrients that are vital for brain health. These include L-Carnitine and Riboflavin. These nutrients provide the formation and growth of new neural pathways within the brain. Use of almond oil is beneficial in preventing disease like Alzheimer’ Disease. It improves the overall functioning  and health of human nervous system. The oil nutrients also improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. It provides better memory to those, who regularly apply it on their scalp.

2. Relief from Muscular Pain

The fruit oil has a number of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. These provide nourishment to muscles within the body. It is also rich in proteins that help the muscle-tissues to repair themselves. Aromatherapy techniques have used the oil for alleviating muscle pain and stiffness. To get the benefits, almond oil should be warmed to a comfortable temperature. It is then massaged on the aching muscles every day till you get a good amount of relief. The oil also lowers the inflammation within the cells and tissues. It brings them back to normalcy in lesser time.

3. Alopecia Prevention and Control

A range of modern lifestyle factors today contribute to hair loss. These include pollution and hormonal imbalances due to the improper and junk diet patterns. Stress is also a common cause of alopecia. Those suffering from nutritional deficiencies can also suffer from hair loss among other diseases. The nutrient-packed oil contains minerals, including calcium, magnesium and zinc. Deficiency of these minerals is a known cause of Alopecia. To prevent or control hair loss, one must apply the oil to scalp each day.

4. Prevention of Skin Conditions

The oil contains Vitamin A that can reduce the formation of acne in the skin. The oil penetrates inside the skin easily and expels all the impurities from the skin follicles. The oil is also rich in other nutrients. These help to heal the skin conditions of Psoriasis and Eczema. Apart from  these benefits, it removes blackheads, whiteheads and wrinkles. It also makes the skin look more shiny. The use of the oil  brings soft and supple texture to the skin. It makes it glow.

5. Better Heart Health

The fruit oil has an ingredient, Oleic acid. It is a mono-saturated fatty acid. It is considered good for heart health. The use of the oil increases the good cholesterol level in blood arteries and lowers the level of bad cholesterol. It is hence often used in salad dressings and consumed for improving heart health for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis among others. The oil also prevents strokes and other fatal ailments related to heart. The oil is rich in other nutrients that provide nutrition to heart muscles and cells. It increases and improves the efficiency as well.

The wonderful oil should be used regularly on scalp and skin. It should be massaged gently so that the oil nutrients reach inside the skin follicles and pores and generate their beneficial effects comprehensively and in lesser time. Almond can also be consumed in its raw shelled form for availing the benefits. If you want to share some more benefits of almond oil, please share with us in the comment section below.


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