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Top 5 Eye Makeup Tips


Eyes are an integral part of the human body. These special organs have the potential to cast magic spell on the individuals. These have the ability to express the mood, feelings and thoughts perfectly. So, girls always wish to highlight their eyes perfectly to make their eyes look adorable, admiring and spectacular. Smokey eye has become highly popular these days. It has a captivating influence on others. Girls always remain confused with the idea of applying eye makeup. Here are the top eye makeup tips. Follow them one by one and look absolutely stunning and sensuous.

Tip 1: Prepare the Base

For any makeup to stay for long hours, it is essential to prepare a strong base. This is done by applying a primer on the eyelids. The primer can be a lotion or a moisturizer. The primer not only holds the makeup for long hours, it also prevents the smudging of the makeup considerably. Besides, it conceals the dark circles and hides the undesired marks on the face as well. Application of the primer on the eyes shall be done uniformly to get away with the masked appearance. It is essential that the makeup looks natural and not an artificial one.

Tip 2: Use Eye Shadow

The next step is to apply eye shadow in such a manner that the eyes look attractive. The combination of the lighter shades with that of the darker shades is generally recommended to get the smokey eye appearance. You can also blend 3 or more colors in appropriate proportions. Use the lighter shades of the eye shadow on the base of the upper eyelids uniformly. Then, apply the darker shade from the outer corners of the lids with outward and upward strokes. Apply the shadow on the lower lashes with the help of the brushes and smudge it smoothly across to obtain the perfect look.

Tip 3: Line the Eyes

The third step is to apply the eyeliner on the eyes. You can either use a pencil liner or a liquid one. Generally blue, black or brown colored liners are preferable. Draw the line in such a way it is narrower on the two sides and thick in the middle portion. Apply the liner with patience and gently so that it does not get smudged. Also, dab off the extra part with the aid of a cotton ball. If you are using a liquid liner, it is recommended to use a thin brush to apply it properly. This imparts a seducing impact to the eyes to a huge extent.

Tip 4: Make the Lashes

The long and thick eye lashes make the eyes appear aesthetic. First, curl the eyelashes gently with the help of an eyelash curler. Then, apply coats of mascara on the lashes uniformly. First, put a coat of mascara on the upper eyelashes in a circular manner. Then put a coat on the lower ones in vertically downward manner. Let it dry. Then, if you wish, you can put the next coating of mascara on the previous coat. Else, the eyes will look clumsy. Heavy layers of mascara make the eyes look prominent and confident as well.

Tip 5: Final Touch Up

Last but not the least is the final touch up. Without this step, the entire makeup will look incomplete. Using a brush, apply some amount of loose powder all along the eyes to blend the entire makeup well and prevent the artificial appearance. This gives completeness to the entire makeup. Also, for individuals with oily skin, application of loose powder prevents the accumulation of oil on the face. This keeps the look attractive yet beautiful.

These are the step by step eye makeup tips. Generally a light lip makeup is recommended with the heavy eye makeup. Try out these eye makeup tips and look glamorous and confident amidst the crowd.

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