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Top 5 Essential Baby Care Products


Once your new born baby is home from the hospital, you need to have several products ready for the tiny tot. There exists a huge list of the must-haves of the baby care products. And parents often become confused about choosing between the products. They remain baffled about the products, brands, colors and utilities. It must be remembered that not all baby requires the same products. However, there are certain products which are common to all of them. So, it is highly advised to the nursing mothers to first think about the various baby care products that will be required for her baby. Otherwise, it will just be a mad rush with a lot of spending for unnecessary items. Here are the top 5 essential baby care products. Have a look.

1. Baby Bottles And Accessories

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Though during the initial days, you generally give breast feeding to your baby, there are mothers, who switch to bottle feeding just after the first week or 10 days. So, here is a list of all the products required for breast feeding and bottle feeding as well. You need a set of minimum 6 numbers of feeding bottles if your baby is bottle fed. You also need bottle brushes, which thoroughly clean the various corners of the bottles including the nipples. However, if your baby is breast fed, you may need a breast pump to pump out the milk from the breasts and breast milk bags which are used to store the pumped breast milk.

2. Baby Diapers And Accessories

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Diapers form one of the basic baby care products. Diapers may be made up of less expensive cotton material or may be disposable type. You will need approximately a dozen of diapers daily for your baby. Apart from the diapers, you also need a diaper bag, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable bags and towels to keep your baby clean and hygienic. Also, a changing diaper table is a must. This table need not be an official table but shall be a particular place reserved for changing the diapers of the baby. But it is extremely important to hold the baby carefully while changing the diapers.

3. Baby Outfits

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A large number of various types of outfits are required for baby clothing. Frocks, full sleeved and half sleeved shirts, trousers, sweaters, caps, socks, booties, shoes are the several types of dresses required for a baby. And minimum half a dozen of each of the above types is required for the baby. The dress material shall be comfortable and generally made up of cotton or flannel. The material should suit the baby’s skin properly. Also, ribbons, laces, beads or any other such items shall be avoided as they may pose a hazard to the babies. Also, the dresses shall be properly washed with antiseptic solution to keep them clean and hygienic.

4. Baby Bedding

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The new born baby has several soft spots. So, appropriate bedding material should be kept ready for the tiny tot to help him gain a proper shape and prevent deformities. Baby bedding is one of the important baby care products. Baby bedding includes pillows, mattress, blanket, cribs, and firm sheet. Blankets are generally of two types – the wearing blanket and the swaddling blanket. The wearing blanket is safer for the babies during sleeping which prevents dangerous wrapping hazard. And swaddling blanket provides a comfortable and soothing ambiance to the baby to a huge extent. It is generally recommended to keep away the pillows from the baby’s bed for ensuring the baby’s safety.

5. Baby Toys

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Last but not the least, baby toys are yet another baby care products. Babies always seek attention. So, in order to keep your baby calm whenever you are not around, toys are the best options. These keep the babies entertained. The toys for the babies need not be too fancy but need to be very colorful. Bouncers are wonderful pieces of entertainment for the babies that have several toys attached to them that keep the babies occupied. Baby pacifiers, baby soothers are some of the other sources of entertainment for the babies. Some babies love soft toys while many are afraid of them. So, depending on your baby’s choice, you must select the toys appropriately.

Thus, if you are confused about the must haves of your new born baby, this article will guide you to select the items essential for your baby. Now, there is absolutely no reason to worry about selecting the baby care products. Just try to understand your baby’s habits and choices and choose the items accordingly.


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