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Top 5 Conflict Management Styles


Conflicts are a part and parcel of our daily lives. They arise from a lot of sources. They may happen because of conflicting priorities or lack of proper resources. There may be mismatch in the personal chemistry and styles. Even, people differ in terms of thoughts, values and terms as well. Thus, conflict has become an integral part of our daily life. Embracing it will help in tackling the most difficult situations and will enhance the leadership skills and learning opportunity. Some major factors, which need to be taken into account, are time pressure, relationship priority, issue priority and relative power. Below are the essential conflict management styles.

1. Accommodating

This is one of the conflict management styles, when the individual works against his own priorities, goals and objectives. He tries to co-operate to the highest degree possible. An individual mainly takes a hold of this style when the opponent person is an expert professional in a particular field. He simply tries to preserve the future relations with him and nothing more. This style is quite effective in certain conditions. But, the individual must remember that this style may be at his own expense.

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2. Avoiding

This is another efficient conflict management style. Here the individual simply avoids the one, with whom there exists a mismatch in the thought processes, views, goals, priorities and objectives. This style neither helps the individual to win nor does it provide the opportunity to the opponent person to win. This style is generally undertaken when the issue is in a trivial state and the individual generally does not have any opportunity to win. This strategy can be useful in emotional issues. This strategy may be good for short term situations. However, for long term issues, this strategy does not hold good.

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3. Collaborating

Well, this is the win-win situation. Here, the individual breaks the shackle of the win-lose paradigm. Instead, he pairs up with the partner or with some other party and both of them achieve their goals. This strategy is generally used in complex situations. This is done by re-framing the entire challenge, synthesizing and synchronizing everybody’s ideas. However, the main challenge in the entire scenario is time. It also requires a lot of trust to reach the final level. But, this is one of the best conflict management styles to tackle the difficult situations effectively.

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4. Competing

This management style makes use of the win-lose approach. The individual works towards his own goals with a lot of assertion. He does not co-operate or seek to help any other party at all. He may also do so even at expense of the opponent party. This conflict management style is effective in case of emergencies, especially when quick and decisive actions are required. People are generally aware of this style of management and infact, they support this style in several situations as well.

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5. Compromising

This is yet one of the conflict management styles, which many individuals have to undertake under several circumstances. This is mainly a “lose-lose” scenario. Here both the parties make sacrifices and neither of them gets what they really desire. This strategy needs a certain level of co-operation and assertiveness. This may act as a temporary solution to a conflict. However, collaborating is far better solution, when compared to compromising. But, it again depends on individuals’ priorities, goals and situations.

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Thus, these are some of the effective conflict management styles. Every style has its own uniqueness, characteristics, merits and demerits. And, individuals make use of any of them or all of them or some of them depending on the situations and circumstances.

If you have more knowledge on the various conflict management styles, please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section given below.

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