Evening Gowns: Top 5 Most Fashionable


Evening gowns are the fantastic formal attire for a wedding ceremony or a cocktail party or simply a formal gathering. The gowns differ in their styles and glamors depending on the occasion. These evening gowns are mainly made of contrasting vibrant colors. Satin, georgette, chiffon, silk and velvet are the major fabrics used for these gowns. And these add a colorful and gorgeous essence to the individuality of the persona. Here are the top 5 best evening gowns, which impart a fashionable yet elegant appearance to the individuals.

1. Ball Gowns

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Ball gowns are generally worn in the formal occasions. These form the classic attire, which are very stylish yet traditional in their appearances. These vary based on the individual’s body types. These gowns come in varied styles, colors and fashions. They are made of velvet or satin fabric along with superb craft work of embroidery or pearl. The ball gown shall be accessorized with tiara, stole, gloves and handbags. The individuals look purely ethnic and traditional in this type of evening gown.

2. Cocktail Gowns

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If you are to attend a semi-formal party, cocktail gowns can be one of the beautiful dresses for you. The cocktail gown generally is of short length and does not extend till the knees. The gown is designed based on the physique and body structure of the individuals. They are available in wide designs. These gowns perfectly highlight the curves and shapes of the girls. They provide an elegant yet fashionable appearance to the individuals.

3. Prom Gowns

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Well, prom is yet an important function in every girl’s life. And wearing the most perfect dress on this function is absolutely mandatory. The prom gowns vary from the full floor to the knee in length. The colors used are vibrant and gorgeous. On the basis of the shape and size of the beautiful girls, the prom gowns are tailored. These make the individual look stunning and superb on one of the most important functions of her life.

4. Formal Evening Gowns

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To attend a formal gathering or an official party, formal gowns are one of the best options for you. They are designed so that the figure fits in perfectly portraying the curves and shape of the body wonderfully. The formal evening gowns are mostly black in color. They are not accessorized with many items. They tend to be simple with fewer accessories like a formal watch or just a handbag. The formal evening gowns make an individual look smart and confident.

5. Wedding Gowns

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Choosing a wedding gown can be pretty difficult at times. It is the day for you. And you want to appear absolutely beautiful. So, the wedding evening gowns are indeed the special items of the fashion industry. The gowns are generally white. The length of the gown differs based on the shape of the bride. These gowns may be halter necked or even off-shouldered which impart an incredible and superb look to the beautiful bride.

Grab the list of the top 5 best evening gowns. Choose the one that suits your taste, physique and occasion. Look elegant with the exotic sense of personality and confidence. Be the most beautiful diva of the party with your fashion and style.



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