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Tooth Abscess: Top 5 Major Causes


Are you battling with the inflamed jaw, gum or mouth? Can you feel a foul as well as salty fluid like substance in your mouth? Are you having serious toothache for some long time? If the responses are positive, then you definitely need to immediately consult a dental specialist. You may have developed an abscessed tooth. It’s a painful ailment. In case you don’t get it clinically diagnosed and treated on time, then the overall wellness will likely be affected. Here are the top 5 major causes.

1. Periodontal Disease is a Cause

Periodontal or gum disease can result in this painful condition. This situation is also called gingivitis. This dental problem mainly takes place because of plaque. Nevertheless, there are many additional factors. These are hormonal modifications during puberty, periodic menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, smoking, medications, chronic diseases like Cancer, AIDS, poor oral hygiene and alcoholism. Gingivitis, if largely overlooked can result in damage of tissues, which cover the tooth. These lead to tooth loss.

2. Cavity or Severe Tooth Decay is a Reason

There are a number of microorganisms inside your mouth. They combine with the food particles and saliva and give rise to a sticky substance called plaque. This covers the teeth and the produced acids eventually lead to tooth decay. This is an important cause of abscessed tooth. Thus, it’s absolutely important to maintain the dental hygiene carefully. Tooth decay can easily be avoided by brushing and flossing, changing the bad eating habits and regularly visiting the dentists.

3. Poor Dental Hygiene may be a Cause

Most of the people are not serious about their dental health. They fail to understand that ignoring dental health and hygiene can hamper their overall health and that to a great extent. Not just tooth abscess, but it can lead to many life threatening ailments. One of which is cancer. So, you shouldn’t ignore your oral health in any case and do all that is necessary, like changing your food habits, paying visits to dentist to maintain your dental health.

4. Any Untreated Tooth Condition

Any untreated oral or dental condition, irrespective of its severity may lead to tooth abscess. Thus, it is recommended to visit your dentist time and again in every six months to maintain a good oral and dental health.

5. Dental Emergencies

If you have faced any accident, which has affected your face or if you’re having dental ache, then consult a dentist at the earliest. The pain can be due to chipped or broken tooth. This kind of dental issues may give rise to painful dental complications like abscessed tooth. Any cosmetic dental treatment like brace dislocation may eventually lead to dental abscesses.

It’s highly recommended to take good care of the teeth since toothache can really make your life miserable. Thus, you should not take a chance at all. Be aware of the above mentioned causes and take proper care to be in the pink of your health.



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