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Toddler Games: Six Ideas to Keep Your Toddler Busy


Taking care of your baby is different in the beginning. And when your little angel starts walking and climbing, then you will have to take care of the child differently. When the kids start walking and climbing, they will constantly need something to do all the time, and most of the things these kids would be doing on their own would not be parent approved. So it is important that you keep your child busy yourself. To keep the child busy you would have to look for several safe and fun toddler games, which your kid will enjoy. So, here in this article are the six parenting tips that will help you keep your toddler busy.

1. Engage Them With Simple Things

Toddlers are engaged easily with anything, so if you think that you will need some complicated toys for toddlers to get their attention or to keep them busy, then you are wrong. Even the simplest thing can engage a toddler for example if you will just give your toddler a water bottle to play with, the child will happily play with it. But don’t give them the bottle and get busy yourself because you’ll still need to supervise your child because even a little amount of water could be dangerous for the child.

2. Let Them Play in your Kitchen Sink

Well, this one is a very fun tip, and you can always let your toddler play in your kitchen sink. If the outside weather is not up to the mark, then fill your sink with water and let your child play with it. You can add the common things like small cups and sponges with which a child can play. This is one of the favorite toddler games. The children enjoy it, and this activity could be fun for some time.

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3. Color Matching Game

A color matching game is a great way of keeping your toddler busy, and on top of that, it will teach your child about colors as well. For the first time you will have to teach the child game yourself, and then later they can play on their own. Just give them a small box with different sections or a plate with sections and ask them to put the same color object in the same section. Kids will really enjoy this game.

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4. Racetrack Game

This one is a very simple and fun game, and it will also require one of your toddler toys. What you need to do is to take some tape and stick it to the floors in a way that it will look like a racetrack. Now give your toddler a small care, and the kid will be moving the car on the track for hours. This is one of the toddler games, which is straightforward. And, it would not even create any mess as the tapes can be removed easily. Not a wrong way to keep your child busy for hours.

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5. Play Balloon Tennis with the Kid

One of the easy toddler games that will keep your child entertained and busy is balloon tennis. This is a fun game to play with your toddler, and the best part of it is that you would not need any baby toys. All you are going to need is a balloon which will serve you like a tennis ball and a couple of paper plates and plastic spoons which will serve you as the rackets. Just join the spoon with tape and play balloon tennis with your kid. Your child can play alone as well with only a balloon and a racket.

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So, here are our top tips to keep your toddler busy. It is needed to be understood that once we engage the toddlers in fun activities and toddler games by yourselves, then they will not engage in other unnecessary activities.


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