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Top 5 Tips for Buying a Garden Shed.


A garden shed is an essential structure in every garden. It’s the place to store your valuable tools, additional pots, and just about anything else you want to keep out of sight. Not all sheds are created equal.

Consider these five things when buying a new shed.

The Material of the Shed

Sheds are constructed from many different materials. While wooden sheds are the most common, many homeowners prefer metal or plastic models. Wood sheds are very high quality and can be painted to match your home decor. They last for many years and look beautiful. However, they tend to be the most expensive.

Another popular material is metal. Metal sheds won’t rot or catch fire, but they may rust. Plastic sheds are the most affordable, but they don’t last long like the other options. They can also be an eyesore.

Consider Shed Installation

After you buy a shed, you need a way to transport it to your property. If you can’t do this yourself, then buy a shed from someone who offers both delivery and installation. Remember that while most wood sheds arrive in one piece, metal sheds are often tricky to assemble. If you can’t be bothered, then look for a preassembled model

Select the Right Features

Even though your shed will mainly be used for storage, you may prefer a model with some added features. If you plan on spending any time inside the shed, try to find a model with a window or two. Decide if you want windows that you can open and close.

Look at the floor of various sheds. You’ll see that they are very different. You need a sturdy floor that is strong enough to support heavy equipment. An insulated floor will keep you warm if you find yourself working in the shed during the colder months. If the floor is made of wood, make sure it’s been treated to prevent wood rot.

Choose a High-Quality Roof

While you may not notice it very often, the roof of your shed is very important. It’s what keeps the elements out. An inferior roof will deteriorate over time and cause damage to the items inside. Tongue and groove roofs are very durable. As are cedar shingles and roof tiles. Pick the highest-quality roof that fits within your budget. This is one area where you don’t want to cut corners.

Think About Security

You don’t want to lose anything you store inside your shed. Unfortunately, many criminals target garden sheds because they know many homeowners store valuable and expensive tools inside.

Look for garden sheds that have added security features to prevent and deter theft before choosing the one for your home. Anti-pick locks, window bars, and non-returnable screws will all keep your belongings safe.


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