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5 Tips to Cottage Rentals in Ireland


A holiday to Ireland is not complete until you find the right cottage to stay in. Getting that perfect cottage house to stay can, however, be easier said than done. Ireland is full of stunning coastal locations with hundreds of Donegal Thatch Cottages to choose from. As such, it would be prudent to take your time and understands your needs before settling for one. Finding the right cottage house for you and your family means finding a true home away from home. So to find that perfect Irish cottage home, here are 5 top tips to cottage rentals in Ireland.

Beware of Suspiciously Cheap Rates

As the old adage goes, cheap is always expensive at the end of the day. So it the cottage house rates seem too good to be true, then its most probably is. With the advent of the internet, several scammers have taken advantage and cottage houses in Ireland are not an exception. So, take your time to compare the rates and go for the most reasonable in terms of pricing and state of the cottage home.

Cyberstalk the Owner

When seeking for a cottage home in Ireland, it is always advisable to get to know the real owner. You can do this easily by checking out their profiles across the various social media platforms. Ensure that the owner’s residence is the same as that listed by the owner. If the details are consistent with the advert, then this is most likely to be a good deal.

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The Reviews Tell it All

Most cottage homes in Ireland have been listed online. As such, you will find reviews of previous users. Take your time to go through the reviews and get to know their opinions and experiences. These may help you make a decision on whether to go for one or seek elsewhere.

Talk with the Owner Directly

Most Irish cottage owners prefer to deal directly with their clients. As such, it is always advisable to seek audience with the real owner. Look for their personal phone numbers and talk with them directly. This way, you get first-hand information about the cottage house in question.

Always Pay via Credit Card

Ireland is frequented by so many visitors each year. Most of these prefer to stay in cottage houses. As such, there has been a recent surge in cases where scammers are ripping of travelers by encouraging them to pay via vulnerable payment methods like wire transfer. Always ensure that you pay via credit cards to reduce the chances of being scammed.

Traveling, whether for holiday or work should be a time to relax and enjoy. As such, you need some peace of mind. Ireland is one of the most popular travel destinations and thus ought to give you that memorable experience.  By following these tips, you can rest assured that you will find the best cottage houses for your entire stay in Ireland. So get packing and prepare for an experience like no other thanks to travel cottages in Ireland.


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