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Tips for Having a Little Fun Before Your Big Move


Dallas long distance movers are saying, sure, moving is a hassle. But it’s also an incredibly exciting time where you’ll be introduce to new people, restaurants, activities, and social scenes in the city you’ll soon be calling home. Before you say farewell, however, there’s no harm in having a little fun. Here are some things you can do before you embark on your next adventure to truly make the most of your time prior to your move.

1. Plan A Farewell Bash

Excuse to party? Sign me up. Before you move to a new city, why not throw a big farewell party in your honor? Your guest list should include your closest friends and nearby family members, who will be happy to celebrate your big move and commemorate the occasion with lots of photos. Reminiscing about some treasured memories over some appetizers and a cocktail is a great way to solidify the relationships you’ve built and discuss ways you plan on keeping in touch moving forward.

Your goodbye bash is also a great opportunity to connect with friends regarding moving advice or must-see places to visit after arriving in your new home. If you could use a helping hand, don’t shy away from asking a few of your closet friends for their help on the day of the big move. Moving away from loved ones can be a little disheartening, but going out in style by throwing an epic party will boost your positivity and help remind you of the strong support system you have to lean on.

2. Start Journaling or Blogging

If you aren’t doing so already, moving is a great opportunity to start blogging or journaling about your new adventure. Begin jotting down your experiences, thoughts, and feelings a few weeks prior to your move, so you can look back on new memories you created with friends and see how far you’ve grown from the beginning of the moving process onward. Sharing your experiences online is the perfect way to keep family and friends updated on your all your move-related escapades, as well as offer support and inspiration for others who may be sharing an experience similar to yours.

3. Try Collaging or Creating a Digital Photo Album

Not only should you take photos with friends and loved ones before moving, but you can even capture your favorite landscapes or snap a photo outside your local coffee shop to preserve all the memories you’ve created over the years. You can print out photos and get creative by making a collage or you can frame your favorite shots to hang in your new home.

4. Enjoy Quality Time with Your Partner in Crime

Moving can completely eat up your social calendar. All of the logistics involved with packing up your belongings and transporting them to a new city will certainly keep your busy. But despite how crammed your schedule may seem, you should pencil in some quality time with your best friend(s). Before you move, it’s more important than ever to enjoy the company of your closest pals, visit your favorite restaurants, and do all the activities that you love doing together. Strengthening bonds with your friends is essential before you move as you’ll likely need to dial them up on nights you’re feeling lonely in your new city or need to have a quick pick-me-up chat.


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