8 Things Every Parent of a Toddler Should Know


The toddler years are a tough time for most parents. Your previously docile and manageable baby has transformed into a miniature person with their own will, their own character, and, often, a whole lot of stubbornness. It can also be a wonderful stage, as you get to know your child’s unique personality and can finally hold real and often hilarious conversations with them. Before you enter the toddler years, make sure you know these 8 crucial things.

1. Be Prepared for Anything

Toddlers are unpredictable. One minute they’re quietly watching Finding Nemo, the next they’re outside covered in mud. While keeping an eye on them at all times may be the goal, in reality accidents do happen and scrapes and bruises are common. Keep your first aid kit fully stocked with medical supplies brisbane, and be ready and waiting to tackle anything that comes your way.

2. Socializing is key

If your child attends a nursery school then this probably won’t be a problem, but stay at home mothers often find that trouble can begin during the toddler years if your little one isn’t used to playing with other children. In order to keep them on track with their social development and to help them learn to share and play nicely, organize a few social activities each week for your toddler.

3. They get bored easily

While some toddlers are happy to space out in front of their favorite cartoon all day, this probably isn’t the best activity for brain development. Toddlers who are bored often become naughty, so keep plenty of toys and crafts around to avoid a tantrum.

4. Anything can be a Toy

When you’re coming up with activities to amuse your toddler, keep in mind that their toys don’t have to come straight from an overpriced toyshop. An old coffee canister can instantly turn into a drum that’ll amuse a musical toddler for hours, while pots and pans and a wooden spoon can be made into a mini kitchen station.

5. Toddler dates are the best

Taking your little one on a mummy-and-me coffee date is a great way to get them used to sitting quietly in public places, and will give them an opportunity to bond with you and experience everyday activities. Go for regular coffee dates and encourage them to sit with you at the table like a grown-up.

6. Consistency is key

This is the age where your child will be testing the boundaries and seeing how far they can push you. As difficult as it can be at times, it’s important to stick with your boundaries and be consistent in your discipline system. If a time out threat doesn’t lead to an actual time out, you’ll have a tough time keeping your toddler in line.

7. Separation anxiety is normal

Most toddlers get clingy at times, and it’s totally normal for your toddler to feel nervous when you leave the house without them. Try to get into a system of giving a kiss goodbye instead of sneaking out so that they learn that you’ll always come back.

8. Give plenty of praise

Toddlers respond well to positive feedback, so remember to give them plenty of affection and affirmation when they get something right.


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