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Once the holidays are over we keep lists of our picnic spots updated with new additions. We explore places and always prefer to visit new destinations. Every place has its own charms. Many holiday destinations are approached because of its wonderful weather, whereas some may be explored for its scenic views. Some may attract you with its games and some with its tasty food. What if you get the combination of wonderful weather, gaming activities, mesmerizing landscapes and lip smacking food in one place? Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, you get all these things at resorts near Nandi Hills, Bangalore.

It’s just not only the place rather it’s your complete entertaining destination that is all set to take you on an enjoyable ride. So that when you leave the place you have lost your heart to it. In an attempt to win your heart, the resort has several gaming activities that keep you occupied. No wonder, being a part of these happenings you are boarding a pleasurable voyage where fun never ends.

water sports
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The best resort in Kabini (Click Here) that lies at the footstep of Bangalore city presents its wonderful water sports to you. Does those splashing waters, tiny drops and gushing sound of water entice you? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here you will get a chance to play with water till the content of your heart. Touch the cold water and enjoy rafting with your fellow being. If safety issues stop you from marching forward, then don’t worry all the activities are performed under great supervision of experts. They are always with you to help you at the hour of need.

As the place is situated at the outskirts of techno city, it is much approached by the people of Bangalore during vacations and holidays. It’s because of the food, interesting happenings, amazing weather and mind blowing landscapes that makes it a favorite place for a day outing resort in Bangalore (Click here for more info).

If this gives you an impression of total entertainment then you are absolutely right. Apart from this you can also plan a trip to nearby temples when you visit the resort. Keep your luggage safe in the rooms of the resort and head towards the famous temples that resides in its vicinity. Not-to-mention, all necessary arrangements are made by the staff.

wildlife sanctuary
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One of the most astounding feature of these resorts is that they also make arrangements for visiting nearby wildlife sanctuaries. Increase your knowledge on wildlife and capture unforgettable moments with exclusive flora and fauna. The place is a home to many rare species; this gives you an opportunity to catch the glimpses of rare birds that visit the place during peak seasons. Watch birds chirping and enjoy tasty food amidst green atmosphere. The place away from your city life, but still standing closer to your heart.


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