standards of preparing a dog for competitions

Standards of Preparing a Dog for Competitions According to Max Polyakov


Tips on Practicing with Your Dog

Dogs are animals that became familiar for our environment. We started conceiving them as an inherent part of our lives and members of our families. But do we give them a full volume of attention as they need? Sometimes, even the best dog-owners forget that their pets have demands and fears. And we have just to make some efforts to provide them a cloudless life.

Max Polyakov, a responsible dog master, says that these pets have a few stages of growth. Of course, they include emotional and physical development. We have to help them cope with those stages to become confident, trustful, and friendly. Training is an essential part of living with a dog. Moreover, even only basic commands will help your dog to develop social skills which will be appreciated at competitions. His own Firefly feels free to take part in competitions and interact with other animals and people. Read on to find out all Max Polyakov’s training secrets.

Guideline on How to Arrange Training

Firefly passed a long way of training to become a happy dog. But now it’s able not only to perform pleasant manners but also to take the leading places at competitions. And everything thanks to its loving master Max Polyakov.

The wise dog-owner says that first of all, you have to check the presence of various disorders in your pet. That’s why you have to visit the veterinary. The doctor will examine your dog’s conditions and give a verdict if it can cope with different types of training. He also can prescribe the most appropriate style for your pet’s breed. And then you can follow Max Polyakov’s and Firefly’s way of teaching:

  • Prepare a plan and train your dog according to a set schedule. You should write down all your exercises, the day when you used them, and graphic with dates;
  • Teach the general commands like “Sit”, “Go”, “Run”, etc.;
  • Each lesson shouldn’t last more than ten or fifteen minutes. Your dog may get tired or even bored. Better make a few training sessions in one day;
  • Choose a place for teaching;
  • Ask people who interact with your dog to repeat the commands your learn today;
  • Give your pet time and it will learn in its own rhythm;
  • Firefly learned all the commands without yelling and physical influence. Don’t be angry with your dog and treat it with food it likes the most.

Max Polyakov says that if you want to join active competitions like his Firefly did, add some sports to your educational program. But check if your pet likes the chosen type of exercise. You may choose from jumping, dock diving, disc dog, flyball, etc. Max Polyakov’s Firefly chose the most preferable activities and takes pleasure to participate in these competitions.

Good Luck at Tournaments!

Max Polyakov is sure that a correctly prepared training program will make your dog a disciplined and confident pet. If you still don’t know how to start, ask a professional or veterinarian to help you. And then your pet will be as happy as Firefly is.