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Prepare for Spring Camping With These Top Tips


With spring on the horizon, you may be ready to go outside and enjoy nature. Camping season is here, and you can’t wait to pack up your tent for a trip.

Before you head out, however, you need to prepare for your tip. Following these simple tips will help ensure you’re ready for anything on your camping trip.

Think Cold and Wet

Even though the sun may be shining during the day, it will set in the evening. Expect temperatures to suddenly drop. You need to pack extra blankets to be safe. Wear additional layers at night, including thermals and fleece.

Consider investing in a 3 or 4 season bag to keep warm.

Rain may also catch you by surprise. Daily showers are common in the UK, and you need to prepare for this. If the ground is muddy and soft, be sure to wear wellies. Bring extra clothes in case you get dirty or soaked.

Secure your tent with heavy duty tent pegs to ensure your home doesn’t pull free.

Test Your Gear

If you’re buying a new tent or camping equipment, be sure to take it on a test run before you head out. Set up the tent in your garden, and make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries.

You don’t want to struggle to pitch your tent once you arrive at the campsite.

Even if you’re using older equipment, it’s still smart to visually inspect it. Make sure your tent doesn’t have any holes or tears. Double check that you have the tools needed to secure the pegs.

Plan Your Meals

You’re going to get hungry during your trip, and it’s a good idea to bring more food that you need. When the temperatures drop at night, you may find yourself hungrier than usual. If you want to eat hot meals, cook dishes in advance and freeze them beforehand.

Bring a pot so you can reheat over a campfire. Always make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water available.

Start off Easy

If this is your first camping trip of the season, you may not be in the best shape. Instead of planning long hikes, consider going on shorter trails. This way you won’t risk wearing yourself out during the trip.

Once you know you can handle a more difficult trail, then do so on another camping adventure.

Stay Alert

Even if you’re familiar with the campsite, it may look a bit different after winter. Once the weather gets warmer in springtime, it’s not common to see signs of land erosion on trails.

Wildlife may be waking up from hibernation, so make sure you know how to protect yourself. Camping puts you at the mercy of Mother Nature, and it’s up to you to always keep a lookout.


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