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7 Extreme Sports in South Africa that Will Heighten Your Level of Excitement


Most of the foreigners will involve themselves in everyday activities in South Africa, and the discussion topic usually revolves around those things. However, there is much more to South Africa, and those events are not so common.

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7 Extreme Sports to try for Breathtaking Experience

Not every person is fond of trying out something adventurous, but there are also many people who want to try some mind-boggling stuff but are not aware of it. Here are the seven extreme sports that you can try in South Africa to add some fantastic things to your memory.

Jump off from Bloukrans Bridge (Bungee Jumping)

Have you ever thought about giving bungee jumping a try? If yes, trying it for the first time would be a great choice because it is one of the best places to experiment with bungee jumping. If you are faint-hearted, you should stay away, and it is a fair warning upfront. Why? Bloukrans Bridge host the world’s highest spot for bungee.

Here is one fun fact about this location that would make you fall in love with it. This spot is taller than the popular Nevis bungee in New Zealand, and it costs way less than Nevis Bunjee to give it a shot. It is on the edge of Tsikakama National Park. Many people who have tried it before have got one of the moments to cherish on their life.

Shark Cage Diving

Do you think sharks are dangerous? In South Africa, you can have that experience, and one of the places that you can try Shark Cage Diving is at Gansbaai.

Recently, the shark cage diving became a subject of debate because sharks were fed meats to stir their anger. But, it is still in operation, and you can try shark cage diving.

Once you get inside the cage and watch the great white sharks swimming around you, it will blow your mind. After all, you are watching a dangerous shark right in front of your eyes, and many of you have only seen it on TV.

Ostrich Riding

You can try a fun-filled ostrich riding at Oudtshoorn, which is an ostrich capital of the world. However, there is one strong consideration before they allow you to ride on an ostrich. It is a must that you need to weigh below 75 kilograms to ride an ostrich, and the reason is that ostriches are not able to sustain a heavy load.

Just by looking at the image above, you must have realized that riding an ostrich is going to be a heck a lot of fun. In case you weigh above 75 kilograms, you may want to consider losing some pounds in advance for not missing out on this experience. The ride is not going to go on for a long time, and it is also a bit expensive, but the money spent on this activity is worth the money.

Walk among Rhinos

You have a chance to not only observe Rhinos but also to walk around them at the Kruger National Park. If you want to have a closer view of wild animals, you can get that experience by visiting Kruger National Park.

Unlike safari ride and other trips, there is no need for you to open the windows and watch wild animals quickly. Here, all you need to do is keep your eyes open, and that’s it to view Rhinos. Also, you do not have to hurry or worry about missing out, as all you are doing is walking at your own pace.

Alongside Rhinos, you can also come across giraffes at this national park, so I recommend you not to miss out on this event.

Adventure in Table Mountain

It is quite a challenging task to play around on the top of the famous flat mountain, Table Mountain. With that said, that is where the fun lies, as there is no excitement in fulfilling the task that everyone can easily accomplish.

Try abseiling right off the edge of this flat mountain to experience the excitement and a little bit of feat at the same time. Directly below this mountain, there is the Atlantic Ocean, and the fantastic Robben Islands and Camps Bay surround it, which spice up your experience.

You have an hour or so to explore the area around the mountain and enjoy the beautiful surrounding around it. I’m pretty sure that this moment will stay with you for years to come if you try it.

Motorbiking in Baviaanskloof

Baviaanskloof lies on the Eastern Cape border, and it is one of the best adventure bike routes in the world. For those who know how to ride a bike must take a ride on this route.

It takes more than three days of a ride to complete this 100 miles route, and it has plenty of adventurous things in an offer for riders. Well, you can complete the tour in a single day, but you would not want to hurry up.

You will travel through Africa’s top unspoilt wilderness, many river crosses, and many steep passes. This track has gone through recent modification, which now makes it an appropriate path for both amateur and professionals. After the completion of this track, you will know why this track is so popular among rough riders.

Take a Walk with a Cheetah

You can walk with cheetahs at Plettenberg Bay, which is quite fascinating. I don’t think anyone would want to miss out on a chance to walk alongside the fastest wild animals. Visit Tenikwa Wildlife Centre and grab your opportunity to roam around with a cheetah.

The one thing is for sure that you are going to feel nervous and a bit scared when you get close to Cheetah, an animal that you only saw on the television. In case you are afraid of even small animals, you may not want to get close to a cheetah.

The Takeaway

Having a great trip is not only about going to a new place and taking some photos to store on your computer, share on social media platforms, or an album. It is about taking away something that will always remain in your life, which you can share with your loved ones.

The seven extreme sports that I’ve mentioned will offer you experiences that you cannot forget in your lifetime. Whenever you talk about South Africa, the seven challenging games will come up in your conversation for sure. Is there anything that you want to insert here in this material? If yes, let us know as well, so that our audience can get more value from this content.


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