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Software Development Process in Detail


Software development is the procedure of developing the software using the principles of software engineering. The procedure includes the development, maintenance and updates of the software according to the expected requirement. There are some software development companies in Ukraine. Of which, AnalyticSoftLab, also known as ASoftLab is the software development company in Ukraine. Let’s discuss the process of software evolution in detail.

software development
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1. What is Software Development?

The procedure of the development of software in an organized way through successive phases is known as Software Development. It includes coding, assessing the objective and requirement, designing, testing and confirming that objectives are met.

2. Different Phases

The process of developing a software has the following phases:

  • Identifying the required software
  • Analyzing the requirements of the software
  • Specification of Software Requirements in Detail
  • Designing of the Software
  • Programming of the software
  • Testing of the software
  • Maintenance of the software

3. Life Cycle of Developing a Software

This is a process of defining the entire life cycle of the development of the software. It is a framework, which defines the tasks performed in every step of the process of software development. The life cycle comprises detailed planning, defining, designing, building, testing and maintenance and deployment in proper market.

4. Different Models

The development process works on various models. These are as follows:

  • Waterfall Model, the classic model
  • Prototype Model
  • Spiral Model

These models play an important role in developing the model from the scratch.

5. Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes of the process of developing a software are as follows:

  • Not properly planned resources
  • Omission of critical path analysis
  • Not tracking the progress of the project
  • Data collection isn’t proper
  • Quality management not proper

Software development has wide applications in today’s world. These include budgeting, auditing, administration, process control, management, consulting and many more.


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