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How Can You Make the Most of a Small Living Space?


A small living space might seem like a nightmare in our modern life that’s so full of stuff. However, small living spaces can actually teach you a thing or two about creativity and help ensure you only hold on to things that have value and functionality. So, if you are an apartment dweller, who wants to make the most of the small living space you’re surrounded with, check out these space management tips.

1. Learn to De-clutter

The first thing to do is to de-clutter the things you currently have. Go through your things one box at a time if you must and see which items deserve a new home.

In terms of de-cluttering, keep these rules in mind:

  • Throw away anything that’s broken and cannot be easily fixed. If you want to keep it, then fix it now and not in a year’s time.
  • Separate items you don’t use or want, but which can still be used. Find a place to sell them or donate them to charity.
  • Use the six or 12-month rule. If you’ve not used it in six or 12-months, you probably don’t need it and you can give it away.
  • You can hold on to sentimental things, but do carefully think what kind of value they add. Also, if you’re holding on to a lot of things for memories, but all these items are boxed think twice if it’s smart. Take a photo of the item instead!

Once you’ve de-cluttered and gotten rid of useless things, you already have a lot more space at hand.

2. Buy Furniture that is a Storage

You want almost every piece of furniture in your living space to have additional storage. This means getting a table that isn’t just bare, but also has a cupboard for storing things. You want a bench with a small storage, a bed with underneath boxes and a sofa with storage. The more little clever storage solutions your furniture has, the less space you need for actual wardrobes and boxes.

3. Use Multi-Functional Furniture and Products

Related to the above point, you’ll also want to opt for furniture and decorative elements that have multi-functionality. For example, BADA from Ecosystems is a wooden desk that can be easily turned into a couch. Options like this exist in many things. You could have a foldable bed that can also be a bookshelf against the wall, or a coffee table that transforms into a single guest bed.

4. Make the Most of Vertical Space

Many modern apartments might seem small, but there is plenty of space – you just need to think vertically rather than horizontally. You probably have many items you don’t need to constantly reach. Placing these on open shelves higher up in the room and using a quirky stepladder to reach them can be a good way to save space. Your wall storage also doesn’t have to be boring. For example, IKEA has single box shelves in different colors that can add a bit of fun to your living space. You should also add plants to your living space and vertical solutions offer the most space-saving way to do it.

5. Pick Storage that Can be Reconfigured and Expanded

You don’t want your living space to remain static. Therefore, it’s a good idea to opt for storage solutions that are easily reconfigured and even expanded if you find yourself moving or adding more items to your home. has offers with home décor retailers like CB2 and Interior Secrets, which have plenty of reconfigurable storage solutions. These are perfect for keeping your space exciting, functional and flexible in terms of your needs.

6. Broaden Things with the Colors You Use

Small living spaces also require plenty of attention in terms of the colors. While white is the most obvious option, it certainly isn’t the only one. Different shades of blue (even the darker tones), greys and light yellow are great alternatives to use in a small space.

7. Keep Most Things Concealed

A small living space can start looking crammed up rather quickly. While decorative elements are great, in small spaces you want to limit your decorative elements to the minimum. So, instead of having all of your pretty vases in display, just pick one or two and keep others hidden. Even in terms of books, just having a handful placed on a windowsill while the others are hidden in a box, you can create an illusion of a larger space.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Customized Furniture

You really shouldn’t shy away from investing money in customized furniture and storage solutions. These will guarantee your items fit your space perfectly and you get to maximize your space better than with mass-produced items. Again, customized furniture doesn’t have to cost a lot. Use voucher codes and shop around with different providers to find something suitable for your budget. Remember that investing in good furniture is a long-term purchase – you won’t need to buy a new sofa every year.

So, when you find yourself in a small living space, use the above tips and ideas to make the most of it. You’ll add more space and fun to your home in an instant.


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