Sleep Technology Taking the World by Storm


The disruption in technology is amazing. It is no longer just about smartphones but smart devices. Innovations in technology are happening at a faster rate than your ability to decipher. You can’t know what’s going to happen next until a device that can listen to your conversations is brought to your living room. The Samsung Smartphone is one such device. The tech company sparked speculations when it announced it was releasing a Smart TV.

We know that technological advancement is good in society because life has become easier as a result.  With 2 million Smartphones being sold everyday billions of people worldwide, now have access to the internet. Talk of Skype that has allowed tutors and students to interact outside the classroom environment. I bet few people are using dictionaries in today’s world. Mobile app stores have developed millions of mobile apps that have made life easier. Digital technology has brought the social media craze into the world. The mainstream media now streams online via YouTube and other platforms. These are just but a few examples of what technology has enabled in our lives.

Sleep technology refers to devices that aid in sleeping. With the increasing changes in sleep patterns, it could be your next helper for a quality sleep. Sleep devices catalyze the senses that make you want to sleep. Like a mother inducing her baby to sleep through a lullaby, sleep devices turn inside you the want to sleep.

Blue Light

Unfortunately, technological advancement has its own ramifications on human health. Take the example of blue light that emitted by our electronic devices such as Laptops and Smartphones. Too much exposure to blue light at night could lead to insomnia. Blue light interferes with the production of melatonin hormone, the one responsible for inducing sleep. During the day, melatonin is at low levels due to sunlight. However, as it darkens, sleep-inducing melatonin is gradually increases and peaks up into the night.

Do You Need Sleep Technology?

If you are a night owl or have other sleep disorders such as insomnia, it is time you considered the use of a sleep technology to give you sleep. Sleep technology could also help you know your sleep patterns and position. The device to use here is the sleep tracker.  A sleep tracker enables you to know the time you go to bed and the time you get up.

A tracker also helps you to know whether you are getting quality sleep or not. Some sleepers sleep peacefully while others are the toss and turners. Some are deep sleepers while others sleep lightly. You will be able to know your quality using a sleep tracker. Having this information at hand helps you to know how you can improve your sleep. The tracker is small and circular in shape which makes it fit into your pillow well.

The sleep tracker also works hand in hand with another sleep gadget called the Napp. Its name coined from the two words nap and app, Napp gives you the advantage of monitoring your sleep so as to be able to know its quality.

Another sleep device produced by the UK based company Dream is the SleepPal & Sleep tracker. It works the same way as a sleep tracker and the Napp. However, it tends to have a better performance in data gathering. It uses a strip that lies between your mattress and sheet. The position is ideal for data gathering.

Another sleep tech device produces the sleep scent. Scents have the power to induce memory or help you remember people. Apart from affecting your nervous system, they can also affect your sleep.

Sleep scents make you feel the need to rest or fall asleep. They create a conducive aroma that favors sleep. Through a combination of technology and aromatherapy oils, sleep scents help also keep your mental and physical health in balance.

The Sleepscent device by dreams it made in such a way that it can produce a mixture of sounds, light and aroma that supports your daily sleep-wake cycle. Some of the essential oils used in a Sleepscent device are the Lavender and orange blossom. The light and sounds it produces helps you transition into a peaceful wake time.

Scents are also known to impact your senses. Sleep experts now say the scents you smell can impact your dreams as well adding a new twist into your sleep life. It is still a subject to be explored further. Someone who smells the scent of a rose flower may have positive dreams compared to the one smelling a foul smell like the one coming from rotten eggs.

Other Sleep-Inducing Factors

Sleep technology comes to stimulate your sleeping senses; but before sleep tech, you also need to take care of your sleep comfortability. Given that we sleep on mattresses, its comfort for an 8 hours’ sleep can’t be understated. If you have ever woken up feeling stiff or having back pains, you might want to shop for a better mattress that can hold your weight. Different mattress companies offer a variety of mattresses that promise you heavenly sleep. Before you get spoilt for choice, check the Tempurpedic mattress. It’s compact and long-lasting to support your sleeping needs.

With the data gathered by a sleep technology device about your sleep patterns, you can be able to improve your sleep hygiene habits and environment. You want to adjust the foods you eat before bed time, how often you exercise and your activities around bedtime for a quality sleep.


Technology has revolutionized the world. Compared to the olden days, human beings are finding it easier to connect and do other life activities. Gadgets such as Smartphones and Smart devices have now changed how we live and operate. While this is something to lit up our faces, not all is good with technology. For instance, it has increased the presence of blue light in our bedrooms. Luckily, the same technology has also given as sleeping devices that aid sleep. They track your sleep habits, induce sleep and also wake you up. You want to use them to improve your sleep.


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