skin care tips for Holi

Skin Care Tips for Holi Celebration


The festival of colors, Holi is celebrated every year in the month of March on the day of Phagun Purnima. The festival is celebrated with a lot of merry making, fun, gaiety, love, madness and jubilation by applying colors. The colors used to celebrate this festival of joy are often harmful and hazardous. Earlier the colors were prepared solely from the flowers. But now, hazardous chemicals are used to prepare them, which are quite dangerous for the skin. These often lead to a lot of serious skin irritations, rashes and other skin disorders. Thus, it’s extremely important that proper skin care tips for Holi are considered to ensure a safe and colorful Holi.

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1. Applying Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the primary requisites to ensure a healthy skin care. It not only helps in keeping the skin hydrated, it provides a protective layer on the skin. The oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E. It is advised to apply the oil all over the body, especially between the toes, around the nails and behind the ears. Massaging the oil for approximately 5 minutes before applying colors can actually help in protecting the skin from serious injuries.

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2. Applying Sunscreen

The sunscreen with more than or equal to SPF 20 is extremely recommended while going out for Holi celebrations. It must be applied 20 minutes prior to applying colors. Most of the sunscreens contain inbuilt moisturizers. However, if the skin is very dry, it is advised to apply the sunscreen followed by a moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply lotions on the arms and exposed areas of the body.

3. Applying Transparent Varnishes to the Nails

Nails need to be protected from the harmful colors. They must be trimmed properly and coated with thick and transparent nail paints. This prevents the chemicals from affecting the nails and causing any irritation. Petroleum jelly must be applied surrounding the cuticles to prevent the accumulation of the colors around them as advised by the dermatologists.

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4. Pre Holi Hair Care

Hair Care for the Holi celebration starts a day prior to the celebration. Massaging the scalp with oil and adding some lemon juice to it are some of the essential prerequisites of hair care during Holi. To know more about the hair care tips during Holi, check out here. Also, it is advised o tie your hair properly in the form of fish braids to look stylish and yet to protect the hair from getting damaged due to the chemicals and colors.

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5. Lip Care

Yet another sensitive part to be taken care of during the celebration of the colors is those beautiful sensuous lips. Moisturize the lips with a thick layer of petroleum jelly or shea butter to prevent the lips from getting dried or chapped. These lip care tips will protect your lips even from the hazardous colors.

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These are some of the essential skin care tips to be followed to celebrate this festival with joy, happiness, love, laugh and exuberance.


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