Signs of Depression among Teenagers


Depression is a typical medical condition. It affects individuals suffering from continuous lack of interest and a feeling of sadness. It affects people irrespective of their ages, genders and occupations. There are a lot of causes of depression, especially among the teens. They are emotional stress, mental disturbances due to family issues, academic results and many more. Genetics also plays a crucial role, which gives rise to depression among the teens. They get detached socially and emotionally and get devoid of motivation. The major signs of depression, which are seen among the teenagers are given below. Have a look.

1. Anger

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Teenagers, who suffer from depression, get frustrated very easily. They seem to cry, get irritated and complain a lot about anything and everything. They yell, scream and even hit each other. These are the common symptoms of outburst of anger. Also, the depression gives rise to the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, worries and fear. They may get affected with panic attack as well. They eventually face headache, backache, numbness, tiredness, fatigue and difficulty to speak up in public. Dizziness, nausea, urination frequently and difficulty in breathing are some of the other symptoms, which eventually lead to anger outburst.

2. Insomnia

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Insomnia is one of the important signs of depression. Teenagers suffering from depression experience low quality of sleep or insufficient amount of sleep all throughout the night. Due to this, the teenagers feel tired, drowsy, difficulty in concentrating and irritated. They feel lethargic and possess a lower level of energy. They also find it very difficult to continue with their regular work. It leads to the formation of dark circles under the eyes of the teenagers. Their mental balance is disturbed to a huge extent.

3. Memory Loss

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Forgetfulness or memory loss is yet another important sign of depression. It is commonly seen in teenagers, who are affected with depression. This may affect the teens quickly or even at a slower pace. They are unable to concentrate and they lose their power to focus on anything. They get distracted very easily. They lose their attentiveness. It becomes very difficult for the teenagers suffering from depression to recall old things and to remember the recent things as well. Thus, memory loss is such an issue, which is extremely common in individuals facing the problem of depression.

4. Acute Pain

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Teens, who have the disorder of depression also experience severe headache all throughout the day. They even experience pain in the lower and the upper part of the stomach as well. The joints and the lower back pains a lot too. Even, the pain may last for several weeks. The muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons become very stiff. This makes it highly uncomfortable. Fatigue and tiredness creep in as well. The pain at times becomes so severe that it becomes very unbearable. Individuals lose interest and enthusiasm and get away from friends and family slowly. They gradually become inactive and lose touch from the society.

5. Weight Loss or Gain

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Teens face loss of appetite and they continuously modify their regular feeding habits and style. At times, they eat too much and do not exercise. At other times, they do not eat at all. So, sometimes, they gain a lot of weight, which gives rise to obesity. There is a rapid fluctuation in the weights of the individuals in a very short period of time. This gives rise to issues like high level of blood sugar, high b.p., breathing difficulties, gall bladder and kidney stones, cardiac disorders, disorders related to bones, ligaments and muscles.

Thus, teenage depression has become a major cause of concern these days. A teen suffers from depression and exhibits several above mentioned signs of depression. It becomes very crucial to treat the situation with seriousness and care. This will help the individual to lead a healthy life.

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