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Crispy Shoruchakli (Indian Crepe) Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen


How to prepare the yummilicious Indian Crepe, also known as Shoruchakli? The festival of Poush Parbon is knocking the door. And, this special dish from Kakali’s Kitchen will simply be superb to satisfy the palates of the food lovers. Let’s learn out this recipe in detail.

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Preparation Time: 10 Mins

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes


1. Short Grained Glutinous Rice (Atap Chawl): 400 grams

2. Urad Dal (Biuli Dal): 175 grams

3. Ginger: 10 grams

4. Saunf (Mouri): 10 grams

5. Refined Oil

6. Salt

Get the detailed recipe here:


Soak 400 grams of atap chawl and 175 grams of biuli dal together and keep overnight. Place the entire mixer in mixture grinder to form a paste. Also, make a paste of 10 grams of ginger and 10 grams of saunf in a mixer grinder. Mix the paste of ginger and saunf with the mixture of atap chawl and biuli dal thoroughly to form the batter.


Place the batter in a tawa as instructed in Kakali’s Kitchen and let it cook. The yummy ,crispy Indian crepe is all set for you.

Satisfy the winter craving with the crispy Shoruchakli now. A treat for the food bloggers and foodies. Enjoy now!!


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