Shocking Scientific Revelations on Sex


Do you believe that sex is a natural phenomenon? Well, that’s not exactlyso. According to the studies, it’s been found that sexual intercourse is a scientific and technical process, which occurs between two individuals, mostly of opposite genders. Whenever two individuals of opposite genders come close to each other, a strange desire and attraction is felt. This is mainly because of the release of the pheromones. And, the result is couples getting involved physically. The following scientific revelations on sex will make you shocked.

1. Cuddling Post Sex is Mandatory to Make your Partner Feel Satisfied

The study from Toronto University has revealed that women demand cuddling from their male partners just after the love making session. The oxytocin is then released, which satisfies the partner.

2. The Less the level of Cholesterol in the Body, the Better the Sexual Performance

It has been proved that individuals with high level of cholesterol in the body tend to experience erectile dysfunction. Thus, if you find yourself struggling hard in bed, it’s advised to get the level of cholesterol checked.

3. Sex Becomes Messy If Not Aroused Properly

According to a university in Netherlands, it has been found that if a couple indulges in sexual activity without getting aroused, their exist a feeling of resentment and disgust, especially in the women. The whole session becomes just too messy without any fun, pleasure or satisfaction. Yes, there is an importance of sex in relationship. But, foreplay is very essential to make the love making session absolutely enjoyable.

4. It Helps in Burning the Calories

Studies have revealed that getting involved physically under the sheaths for approximately an hour helps in burning as much calories as that is done by jogging for almost half an hour. Do you still not believe that sex burns calories? It is scientifically proven that a woman burns 3.1 calories and a man burns 4.2 calories per minute during sex.

Benefits of Having Sex Regularly: Medically Proven

5. The Brain Wiring of an Individual Determines the Number of Sexual Partners

After scanning through the brain, which witnessed sexual images, the University in Los Angeles proved that the brain, which is more active in visualizing the sexual images tend to have more number of sexual partners in real life.

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