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SEO Spam Is Putting Your Website on Risk- Learn How


Are you trying to craft a new strategy to inspect the spammy backlinks? The links that you might have got in your website due to negligence while acquiring the backlinks or you’ve implemented negative seo tactics that spoiled your search engine ranking.

Before you begin with solid white-hat seo strategy, you really need to have clear idea of that how this big challenge can put your online business on risk. Identify the root cause of call into question. Find the black hat seo culprit within your company or from the promising firm that is providing you the negative seo services with cash on the nail.

Wait! Just give your 5 minutes to read what you need to inquire or detect to exclude the backlinks that are hurting your seo strategy and business badly.

You might have heard a word “Negative SEO”. But few of you know about it.

Let’s first understand what is negative seo and how it differs with SEO spam.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative seo is basically the technique of implementing unethical seo tactics to sabotage the competitor’s ranking top SERPs. It may occur in any of the below mentioned form.

•       Hack of your website.
•       Content copying and its distribution all over the internet.,
•       Removal of some good backlinks that website already had.
•       Stack of 100-1000 spammy links to your website.
•       Too many fake social profiles affecting your online reputation.

What Are Spammy Backlinks?

Spammy backlinks are those links that redirect your webpage to trashy or irrelevant website with ill-fitted anchor text.

Note: Not all spam links fall under the umbrella of negative seo. All the bad links are the result of over optimized anchor text, websites, bot articles, or irrelevant sites that should be addressed before the situation gets worse.

Incoming and Outgoing Bad Links

Some of the examples of bad incoming backlinks are listed below. The links might have these properties that can easily ruin your website.

Bad Incoming Links

•       Any paid links to manipulate Google will damage your website health.
•       Links from so called link farms with less or no PA/ DA.
•       Most of the solicited links that are exchanged on social or interpersonal interests.
•       Links acquired from spun articles that ruin the authority of your website.
•       Links acquired from low quality web directions.
•       Links from sites with explicit or any kind of illegal content.
•       Links from spammy blog comments is also the form of bad incoming links.

Bad Outgoing Links

Some of the examples of bad outgoing backlinks are listed below. The links might have these properties that affect your website ranking drastically.

•       The paid links which do not include the no follow attribute.
•       The links to bad neighborhoods i.e. spam, or warez etc.
•       The spammy links left by your visitors in comments.
•       The broken links acquired from the unethical website.
•       Hidden redirected links to spam, or malware websites.

Being an experienced seo agency in Boston and having years of experience in white hat seo industry we have always advised the things that are right for our client and help them earn leads in a long run. This all is possible through the expert opinion. They do every effort to do some common seo practices that are good for your website higher-ranking. Otherwise, some nasty backlinks will throw a negative shadow on your complete backlink seo profile and cause you penalty. And we never want this for our clients and their businesses.

We are here to make you aware of some unaware facts before you get trapped in the spam seo Google penalty. Yes, because Google can easily discover your activities that might hurt your seo from swooping rankings to sitewide ban.

Nobody wants to end up with this penalty in any of the case. But if you get into this unknowingly you can get professional seo services from the elite and well-reputed companies.

1-     Surprisal attack of seo spam is never so surprising. Let us show you some examples of this. There is a possibility that you might have got links from the spammy sites without noticing. This way your competitor will get the chance to link to unauthoritative sites to your website. Thus, dropping the sites appearance on the search pages and reducing the site’s authority.

Solution:  If something like this happens to you, use the Google’s disavow tool to eliminate those spammy links without hurting the good links. This spam backlinks checker is recommended only if you have a myriad of artificial/spammy links.

2-     Hacking of website is the worst form of spam seo or negative seo attacks. When hackers succeed in adding the malicious code in a website code or server, he can then easily add links on page, and create subdomains. At that moment, irrelevant search terms directing the traffic to your website indicate that your site is compromised with SEO malware.

Solution: Well, there are seo spam checker WordPress plugins. Or you can also use Google Search Console to check the health of your site by evaluating the most liked pages, keywords driving impressions etc.

3-     Some spam attacks personify webmasters and email backlinking sites with requests to remove the link.

Solution: You can make out your way through this by using your domain’s email ID for communication with other webmasters rather than using generic emails. Need not to worry if sitewide link appears like many links from a single domain. Because Google counts these all links as one link.

If bad backlinks penalty is making you suffer from website ranking, then get in touch with the professional seo company that can really help you give website malware protection. We will scrutinize your site against the negative seo tactics and remove the root causes.

What Should I Do to Remove Negative SEO Impact?

Now if you have noticed negative seo activities, be extra careful to deal with it. Believe me it’s nothing more than tricks that lie in your questions. You can keep on improving seo and side by side removing those spammy backlinks to get out of the negative seo umbrella.

  • Createthe strong social media presence on all major channels.

    • Encourage

    maximumnumber of online reviews to put trust on customers about your online products, services


    •       Create impactful content marketing strategy.

    •       Work regularly on your backlink profile.

You can use some of these more tools to find out if you are trapped by unethical SEO.

  • Site Speed• Crawl Mapping

    •       Redirection

Let’s spot spammy links and negative SEO together and eradicate them from our websites.


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