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Some Uncommon Ways to Save Money on Holidays


A year of savings for that long-awaited vacation. A dream come true that usually ends up in blowing up your budget or worse, over-spending your next monthly income. Here are some unconventional ways to save money in your wallet and still enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

1. Fly When Others Do Not

If there is no required need to be there at a specific time or period, choose to fly at uncrowded hours, be flexible with flight dates and go straight to airline websites. It is much easier to use a search engine for all available flights but there are pleasant surprises for you on airlines own websites. Lower price tickets can be accessed only when using online direct booking or ticketing. Also, keep in mind that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to fly.

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2. Visit Using Local Convenience

It is perhaps uncommon for a tourist to pre-check “free days” in the local area that you’re about to visit. However, it is a rather intelligent travel planning and for sure you will be able to check if on these days the major attractions are still open. The locals will use that free day to rest and spend time with the family. Besides, there is no point in losing precious free time in endless lines.

If you have traveled long enough to note the difference between tourists’ routes prices and general local prices on commonly used articles such as bottled water or street food, venturing out just one block away from the usual route can sometimes be very rewarding. Do not avoid public transportation where possible and grasp the opportunity to catch great insight knowledge by hanging with local habitats and transform your travel experience in a more authentic one. Talking to locals can be very useful not only for saving money but for a good friendship story.

3. Accommodation Tricks and Tips

Spending more time in one place is a good start for money saving on hotel accommodation. A relatively long-term booking will get you a negotiation edge, so will family deals or apartment renting. You can make a smart choice by looking for less targeted locations close to big travel destinations. A short drive can make the difference on your vacation budget and can get you extra days for less cash. Other unconventional options are couch surfing and house sitting. If you are not familiar with these alternatives know that couch surfing is the most favored selection for those in search for multi-cultural and interpersonal connection and house sitting can be a very convenient choice for pet lovers. Don’t underestimate hostels and guesthouses but check for the most reviewed ones on travel websites. For those looking for more privacy and space, the vacation rentals by owners are an excellent choice.

Breakfast-included inns are very popular and so are all-inclusive hotels but there are other even more convenient possibilities. Street food is not just a way of solving the need for food on your vacation but it can be a very inspired choice. There are places around the world where you can watch local people preparing the fresh tasty meal right in front of you. If you prefer going out for lunch or dinner it is better to choose a place away from tourist streets and pay attention to where local people have their meals; it can turn out to be a much cheaper and authentic experience for you.

Having family picnics even on vacation can refreshing experience, especially if you have the landscape to with it. Local grocery stores and markets can be very welcoming and beyond doubt, you will find fresh food to purchase.

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4. Other Useful Stuffs

Walk, walk and walk as much as you can! It is amazing how many things you can observe and discover at a slow pace and it is free. Not scheduled leaving or returning and no tour guide; just you wandering around the city, taking pictures. If you do not resist the temptation of active movement, rent a bike.

Shop for loved ones souvenirs and traditional cuisine memories where locals do their shopping, eventually on weekend markets and fairs.

Check out the free fun activities: street concerts and cultural events, free screenings of interesting movies on film festivals or just play in the park or on the seashore with your kids.

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Take some real time out, spend more time than money and seek for making wonderful memories.


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