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6 Rules to Follow for Healthy Hair


Getting healthy hair is more than just shampoo you use because horde of different aspects affect how smooth, shiny, and strong your hairs are. Oftentimes, it is natural and you may also need to work with the hairs you were born with. How well you care for your hairs, matters a lot when it comes to get strong and healthy hairs.

As hairs are integral parts of overall personality and set the tone for the entire appearance. In this article, we put together a bunch of rules to follow for healthy hair and to get them in tip-top shape.

1. Know how to Wash your Hair Best

A shampoo bottle may come with a statement ‘lather, rinse and repeat for strong and healthy hair’, the formula inside is not for all. One should know the best and right way to wash the locks to make them clean, healthy and strong. Rinse your hair under the shower and then put quarter-sized volume of shampoo on the scalp and then massage gently. After a few moments, rinse your hair to make them lather free and condition accordingly.

2. Botox for Hair

It is a deep hair conditioning treatment usually carried out to coat the hair fibers with fillers like keratin. During the process, broken and thing areas of hair are filled to make the hair healthier and shiny. As Botox injections are used for several skin related issues, Botox for hair is a conditioning agent which is directly applied to the hair. If you are living in NY, then instead of visiting the salon to have this treatment for your hair, try to find a highly professional Trichologist for Botox treatment in New York to give your hair a quick healthy and shiny look. This hair treatment starts with shampoo (to open hair cuticles) and then the Botox is applied directly on hair from root to tips.

3. Protect Your Hair

Keep your hair protected from different environmental conditions like sunshine, rain and muddy winds. Excessive heat, dirt particles and other pollutants make hair messy, weak and rough as well. All these things can end up with unhealthy hair and amplified vulnerability to infections on the scalp skin. That’s why, you should protect your hair by wearing a hat or with an umbrella while visiting outdoors either for personal or professional reasons.

4. Massage you Scalp with Vitamin E

Scalp massage with Vitamin E is one of the best rules to follow for healthy hair. Whenever you are visiting the grocery store for shopping, remember to add a container of vitamin E capsules into the shopping cart. After reaching at home, squeeze the oil from capsules into a bowl and massage your scalp gently before taking a bath. Vitamin E improves the circulation to the scalp to make the hair feel healthy, stronger and shiny as well, said by experts.

5. Use Same Line Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to invest money in shampoo and conditioner, choose both with the same line of ingredients or formula. As they are made for different hair types, you should choose them according to the specific hair type you have. Use of the shampoo and conditioner with the same line of formula will provide you better outcomes ultimately.

6. Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is one of the golden rules to follow for healthy and strong hair. The healthier you eat in your diet plan, the better your locks look. Include essentials like vitamins, iron and proteins in your diet plan for healthy, strong and shiny hair naturally. Use of supplements is also a great idea to get sufficient nutrition for your hair to keep them healthy.


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